Face Your Fears

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Face Your Fears
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Pump King Jack
Feral Infected
Fed Up
Casualties and losses
Two Strain IIs, one Strain I.


Runners go clear up a smuggling safehouse so the Skraacha don't get eaten alive. Everyone's happy.


Jack's there to meet folks as always. He's spooky, the area's spooky, Milliam acts as a guide, having met him before. Jack explains that he managed to get through to the Skraacha and is in talks about negotiating a ceasefire, maybe even an alliance with them, much like how he did with the Ancients. Milliam is aware, as Warboss sent him to the job. As a gesture of good will, he'll help by clearing the underground tunnels of some unwanted visitors. To establish a night-time martial law, Jack allowed the streets to flood with infected that he barely corralls to not invade buildings. At dawn, they retreat underground to the depths of the earth, but recently they've begun spilling horizontally to other parts of the Underground.


They get a small number of targets to track down while Jack seals the entrances he made. Thanks to Fed Up being a smuggler himself, he knows of a potential safehouse, an abandoned industrial factory. The team checks it out, but find it abandoned with bare signs of habitation. They lay a trap on the cargo elevator leading underground before night falls, and...

Bam. A Fly-Spy spots the harvester approaching from outside and while it tries to cleave its way through the garage door, gets lit up by bullets and Milliam's arrows. A wendigo levitates from the cargo lift's way, but as soon as it reaches the top, it's lit up by a crossfire of bullets as well and falls back down. Scrappenny's drones complete its demise by shoving grenades down where it was. That's when Fed Up gets ganked by an invisible adversary, the rest taking a few pot shots until Milliam's senses and Scrap's motion sensor detect movement on top of a steel drum. Everyone, including Silverpaw, open fire wildly, suppressing the general area. The stealthy grendel can't manage it well enough and gets shot to shreds by combined firepower of four drones, a shotgun and a bow and arrow.


The Cutters appear, trying to seize the safehouse for their own use now that their usual inhabitants aren't there, but Jack arrives in time to brutalize the interlopers. Some escape, including one Kevin Crimes, but with the holes plugged and runaway infected destroyed, Jack considers the job done and helps the team get to their vehicles. Admittedly, only Milliam welcomes Jack's offer of stolen karma, while the rest visit Warboss in the Ork Underground to receive their rewards for adding security to their smuggling operations.


  • For Fed Up, Silverpaw & Scrappenny 20,000 Nuyen & 1 Karma; May purchase up to 40,000 Nuyen in KRIME gear up to 18 Availability
  • For Milliam: 1 Chip removed from Warboss, Natural Athlete & Quick Healer
  • Optional Contact: Pump King Jack, 5/1 Halloweener Usurper (5 RVP or 10 CDP)
  • 2 CDP
  • 2 Starscreamers Reputation
  • 2 Skraacha Reputation

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Scrappenny Honestly working for this pumpkin Jack spirit was quite interesting especially due to the snatcher of his own origin with you know controlling half of the halloweeners .of course taking the job and dealing with some few infected which is a common thing we deal with the barons a Luckily my team who was brought down by one of them did not get infected so overall mission successful , and my drones are deadly