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Slippery Jack.jpg
Mysad/Dirty Trickster
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information



A Mysad that uses dirty tricks in Gambling as well as getting in and out of places or simply to get drek done.


From rags to riches. And Power


Born in the Barrens the first years of his life were unbearably hard. Under the control of a Gang he witnessed what powerlessness feels like as his parents where forced to send their kids to the Gang to work hard, sometimes in Druglabs, sometimes to scout out places, sometimes as Pickpocketeers. Dylan would soon take interest in sleight of Hands and would pratice stage magic as well as Card- and Cointricks to provide Entertainment to his family. Everytime he had the chance too he would stand in front of Techshops and watch whatever was being shown on the Trids. Thats how he saw the all powerfull Mages, the Megas and what society thought of the Barrens and the people that lived there. During his Teen years he noticed strange things, he could "throw" his voice and found himself greatly increasing his Card trick abilities, sometimes shuffeling through the Deck as if in trance. He also noticed that he could manipulate others more easily. Eventually a Mage from the local gang informed him that he was infact an awakened. a Mystic Adept. This came along with an offer to start off in the Ranks of the Gang. They promised him good chances. Dylan realised that this was his way out of his situation, out of powerlessness, the only way to free himself and his family from the grip of control. So he accepted the offer and began his work as Ganger. His thirst for power led him to the Black Magic tradition and he would soon be known for his ruthless behaviour, often selling out people, even lower gang-members to get himself an Edge. Eventually he was confronted by the Gangs leader about this. He keeps it a well hidden secret but after the encounter, Dylan somehow took over the Gang and ran it for a little while. But at that point his tradition compelled him to look up further. And as he did he saw the glimmering AR-Advertisements again that he watched so often during his childhood. They reminded him that he would never truly be free from others´ contol if he would not himself get into such a position. Thus he soon disbanded the Gang and began to work for Alex Samson who promised him that he would get him a place in the Shadows. Thats where he is now. Disregarding his past, even leaving his family (though he still cares about them. in fact those are the only people he truly cares about) still looking up at the shining lights of the Powerfull and determined to pull every single dirty trick, gambling his way up to the top to be the Man in control. Only then, so he thinks, can he rest.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Honest Face: By chance of gentics and a little training he looks like someone who you can trust. Only will you learn later that Trust can be a sharp knife in your back.
  • Mentor Spirit: Raven: Gambling and Stage Magic is all about tricks. Raven loves tricks and pranks and so Dylan is guided by the bird.


  • Distinctive Style: He does posses a Hat that is remarkably easy to remember. Might be the design or the fact that when up close you never manage to catch the eyes of this man. But this Hat! Damn!
  • Poor Self ontrol (Compulsion, Pickpocketing): Due to his past as Thief his subconscious marks targets of opportunity with ease and mixed with his Black Magic, the call to gain power and use others for it compells him to train and follow his instincts.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Spotted WingsDejapes30 August 2082
Happy Birthday, ZigzagAurora20 March 2082
I am Fading And I Love ItBloodLibrarian19 March 2082
A Drop of Blood Never Hurt AnyoneChrisst111The Month the Streets Ran Red9 November 2081
I wish I had an AngelSyphilen7 June 2081
Something's Rotten in TacomaKryosite22 May 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alex "Good'ol" Samson 6 1 Fixer Fixer Money Laundry, Haggler, Word On The Street..., Antiques, I Know An Expert, I Have A Bridge To Sell Ya!, Debt Collector, Loan Shark, Take No Wooden Nickles Even
Blair Allen 1 1 Service Forger Fake Credentials, Former Corporate Paper-pusher Even





None. Yet

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

His Hat is remarkable, it looks like several cards are slit behind the hatband, only up close you see that those are sewn on patches designed to look like cards.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Who? Someone from the Barrens... i think
3 Yea that one dude that was head of this gang once.
6 *Basicly all about his gang buisness and that he´s an awakened Mysad.*

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 Is a runner. Strong desire to get out on top.
3 Yea i´ve heard that he plays a lot of dirty tricks. on a lot of people. Watch your back if you arent on a run with him. And check your pockets.
5 Mystic Adept, with an aptitude to throwing as well as Manipulation. He can also pull off very good Stage Magic or Sleight of Hand shows. (and all of the above)


"Timmy" R1 UCAS


  • see picture*


  • se picture for runs. Otherwise he rocks the Barrens Style*

Matrix Persona

a 3D version of the Card-Jack. Jack of Hearts

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