I am Fading And I Love It

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I am Fading And I Love It
Elizabeth 1.jpg
Elizabeth Outsource
LocationRedMond Barrens
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven SpinGlobal Halloweeners/StarScreamers
CombatDJ Jug
SpinGlobal® Razor Elite Security™
Many Gangers
Casualties and losses
some Security? Some Gangers
Run Theme Album


Runners were tasked by SpinGlobal Mage Velethuil Bithyra to rescue his girlfriend who got kidnapped by StarScreamers. a small scale corporate-ganger-KE conflict occurs. Mind Mages everywhere. they got the girl, and they got paid in the end.


Elizabeth Outsource is the daughter of the Horizon Outsource family, and got disowned after shot got turned into a vampire. The person who turned her shortly after got picked up and crucified and incinerated by some Halloweener's later. Valethuil is Elizabeth's latest fling. Elizabeth got kidnapped after trying to get a quick night snack and vamping the same guy who cruicified and burned the one who turned her ten years back. This guy has a memory of gold, so he brought backup instead of wine like a classy Halloweener.

The Meet

The gang all get to the meet without encountering muggers, insane taxi drivers or other issues. Ca1yps0 dealt with some BTL addict in the front of her building by removing the guys BTL chip and helping him out a bit. The Meet was set at the Daze, which just recently had a ganger-caused accident, and KE were on the scene. one elf was sitting with the bouncer of the Daze handing out coupons that waived the fee for putting in a complaint once. (this was my favorite bit.) They met the Johnson, a mundane dude with all the ware to pilot a helicopter really good, a leather jacket that says "CORPORATE MAGE" with a picture of a screaming eagle on it, and a pair of cybernetic antlers. One assensing later, they figured out he lost way more essence then he should have, probably by a vampire judging from the aura. Runners were told of the details behind her kidnapping, and negotiated to the end result of 10k¥, 4k¥ in any drug, 4k¥ in any drug or cereprax. They agreed to this, and it felt enough of a "hooding" run for all the runners not to feel bad. One thing of note: this guy spoke in a ton of corporate speak, and everyone left the run vaguely brain controlled to higher profit margins and blue sky horizons. They went to Brumudar's house.

The Plan

Get the girl before she gets put on a cross and lit on fire by halloweeners.

The Run

3/18/2082 AC-2 "Radical House" Incident

They move to Elizabeths house, and come upon a scene of corporate skullduggery. SpinGlobal Combat DJ "Jug" with his famous dynamic team of SpinGlobal Razor Elite on rollerblades circling the area, getting ready to enter for clues and drek. in the bushes they spot some MCT spy or something in the bushes spying on them with a pair of binoculars. Shuffle went to handle it by giving the dude a golden shower, and trying to interrogate the guy through DNI. Ca1yps0 distracted the Spinglobal combat team through a one-on-one performance contest to see who was the better ... person? and get the house to investigate? Brumudar, and Magnum walked into the scene without them noticing.

the MCT Spy had enough of being absolutely fettered by Shuffle, and ran away-- or at least, he tried too. Two SpinGlobal Razor Elite rollerbladed after the guy with a bunch of illegal weapons on them and no sin being broadcasted. The 6 other dudes circled around Jug and Ca1yps0 like legendary movie Airborne. It was pretty sick, despite the back up singing by the dudes, Ca1yps0 won the duel decisively, and then successfully convinced Jug to rescue his guys who got hit by a KE car along with the MCT guy for not having their SINs on. Ca1yps0 hacked the MCT guys deck, got some data out of it and found out he was basically a non-entity hired to stalk Jug for being too spinradical.

Jug went out on skimmers towards his dudes, while his back up team put away their yo-yos and got there submachineguns out and had a gunfight with KE, leaving the runner team to their devices. (It was non-lethal, so it was fine.) Inside the house, they found:

  • the house was broken in by Halloweener, who used a Aztechnology striker to destroy the turret.
  • Elizabeth was into goth paraphernalia, and had a bunch of psyche and aisa sitting around.
  • There was a bright pink coffin in her bedroom.
  • She had left behind a gun during the struggle, as well as a bunch of blood on the ground from fighting.
  • Cameras recorded her doing mysad drek, doing kamikaze and striking down one of the 5 Halloweener's who entered into the building. Lieutenant who crucified Elizabeths turner was confirmed.
  • Identity of Lieutenants Vehicle was spotted by camera.

Fixing the Sightlines

All information clear, they moved to StarScreamer facility "Shadows of Intent" a manufactory zone for improvised weapons. runners used mindcontrol to get pass a Starscreamer checkpoint by making them get lunch. they go up to the facility and use mind control to make one of the entrance guards merc the other with his sword. he is promptly released by the mindcontrol, and runs into the building and prepares a molotov cocktail to cook the enemy mage alive if he approached. a very awkward scene occurs, and eventually molotov guy comes out along with like 5 other star screamers after seeing that the guy that sword guy merc'd was alive and being treated. The StarScreamers were actually kind of reasonable, and told the runners what they needed to know on the condition that they never return. Elizabeth was a victim of a twisted plot, and the Lieutenant was gatted & her vampire in toe was kidnapped by halloweeners to some party shack!

Victim of a Twisted Fantasy

The runners move to the party shack, and there was a stand off between SpinGlobal Forces & Halloweeners. This was immediately lit hot by Shuffle who uses mind magic to make one of the Halloweeners fire his striker at the SpinGlobal! van. the runners sneak by the medium-low intensity conflict, and Magnum, Brumudar and Ca1yps0 went in, the later going with a androdrone. they snuck in through a broken window in the side, scan the party to have no dice in finding Elizabeth partying in the area. Jug murdered the previous DJ and was playing new beats for the party and getting shot occasionally. It was pistols, so he didn't fragging care. they find two doors going up and down in a corridor, and correctly guess that the one being guarded would lead to the vampire. Brumudar and Magnum inserted gracefully into the area, and turned a corridor into a room with Elizabeth strapped to a chair and a mindmage hiding in some trash, who promptly casted Mobmind on the guys. He succeeded. The two runners thought everything was safe, and proceeded to walk past the very brightly list form of the mage and into the bathroom, falling into some punji traps & a bear trap. The guy tried to interrogate him on the state of affairs, such as "who the fuck are you people!?" Magnum shook off the mindcontrol, loaded EX-EX rounds into his revolvers and blew a hole in the guy despite his protests that "we can talk this out." Ca1yps0 brushed past the guard without any issue, strangely enough, went down the stairs and made it just in time to be spattered with gore from the guy. the vamp kinda woke up and was promptly freed by the runner team. Ca1yps0 put a trauma patch on the guys sucking chest wound. On their way out the team was interrupted by the Halloweener guarding the door, and Ca1yps0 successfully knocked the guard out with a implication of a relationship with the creepy mind mage.

During this confrontation, Shuffle drew a pen moustache on Ca1yps0 while they were out because they were not in AR. They also defended the exfil vehicle from a pissed off halloweener lieutenant by forcing him to point the rocket launcher down at his feet and fire. He did not die, but his 2 goons did. The runners then exfilled with no issue.

The Johnson picked up his girlfriend in some field in his helicopter instead of transiting to wherever the HTR team in the back of his helicopter team needed to go. the runners gave him 10 reasons to not date a vampire and he responded with over text:

Runners Commlink
Why are you acting like an intern?
I trust you understand what I am doing,
With Kindest Regards,
Do not question me.


Elizabeth Outsource got absolutely no consequences for vamping random halloweeners thanks to her elf boyfriend.

Velethuil Bithyra absolutely had another point of essence drained out of him as a reward for arranging a rescue for his vampire girlfriend. She might even feel bad and maybe not drain that last point out later.

StarScreamers had a ton of casualties.

Halloweeners had a ton of casualties.

SpinGlobal somehow gained through this interaction by increasing the sales of their gimmick weapons to the streets through this gratuitous display of their SpinGlobal Razor Elite Security Teams. SpinRadical.


12 RVP

  • 10k nuyen
  • 4k Nuyen in Cereprax or 4k Nuyen in any Drug
  • 4k Nuyen in Drugs
  • 5karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I continue to be convinced that SpinGlobal is staffed primarily by utter lunatics. I have no idea what was going through the head of this Johnson, and frankly I'm not quite sure that I want to. It's difficult to feel good about this one, saving a vampire and all only for her to almost certainly just turn around and keep doing her soul-draining thing, but that was what we were being paid for and I'm not exactly eager to have a young woman in the clutches of the Halloweeners even if she's Infected. Still, this was a mess and it had the potential to be a lot worse if luck weren't on our side - I'm just glad that it worked out in the end.