Something's Rotten in Tacoma

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Something's Rotten in Tacoma
Factions Involved
Bergmann Chemicals
Casualties and losses
Some lab tech/scientist named Jensen


The runners pretend to be a repair team in order to conduct industrial sabotage.


The Johnson has a personal vendetta agaisnt Chad Bergmann. Chad is on the executive board of Bergmann Chemicals, which has recently become a subsidiary of Shiawase. His family is implied to have been killed by Shiawase so they could take over, though Chad seems unaware of this. Bergmann Chemicals is working on an indefinite shelf life synthetic chocolate brownies

The Meet

The meet takes place in a shady under-renovation warehouse, but the team boldly steps in. The Johnson seems inexperienced, but provides the team with 3 objectives. First, pour a vial of liquid into the mixing vat in the west wing of Bergmann Chemicals, then edit the research notes to include that ingredient. Finally, the team was told to leave no trace of this tampering. The team does not succesfully negotiate with her for more pay.

The Plan

The team drives over to the site as Sc4rl3tt does a Matrix search on Bergmann Chemicals. The security does not appear impressive. Tobias attempts to conduct physical surveilance but is intercepted by a guard and told to leave. His olfactory sensor notes a delicious smell. The team decides to walk in, and Shuffle contacts Blair Allen for forged repairmen credentials. Sinister gets burner fake SINs from Anything Andy. While waiting, Sc4rl3tt does a Matrix search on Chad and learns his schedule. She then inserts the team into the facility maintenance schedule, with difficulty. Then host has a fantastical Charlie and the Chocolate factory theme, with Oompa Loompa IC. The team gets some rest before meeting up the next day for the run.

The Run

The team shows up in coveralls and tool belts. Tobias is carrying his gear in a heavy duty toolkit, and with his 'ware and superhuman psychosis he stands out. However, Shuffle smooths this out with some very fast talking, and the team is let in to the facility without issue. They move to the west wing, but as they have no floorplan Shuffle has to ask a passing scientist for directions. When the team gets to the mixing room, Sinister uses his knowledge of HVAC systems to begin the appearance of routine maintenance.

Shuffle slides up to the scientist working on the mixing vat of brown liquid, and makes an attempt to distract him with small talk. The scientist is curt and not fazed in the slightest, so catches Shuffle palming the contents of the vial into the vat. Shuffle attempts to con, then Influences the scientist to delay his response. Meanwhile, Sc4rl3tt is in AR and attempts but fails to edit the file, as her unicorn sprite destroys Patrol and Acid IC. She avoid a Tarball and jacks out. The team decides they need to extract the scientist to avoid leaving evidence. They also need to clear the room so Sc4rl3tt can go into VR, so Sc4rl3tt triggers the fire alarm. As part of firefighting-procedure CO2 begins to be pumped into the room, putting the runners on a time limit. Sinister passes a neurostun chem patch to Shuffle so he can palm it onto the witness scientist, who collapses behind his colleagues as they leave. Sc4rl3tt succesfully edits and copies the file, learning the purpose of the project as well as that the east wing of the facility contained a backup/fork of the west wing's project. The team leaves with the witness without raising suspicion, but not before noticing the vat now contained bubblegum pink streaks and smelled of feet.


The runners return to the warehouse, and the Johnson is satisifed with the results. It seems she had something personal against Chad Bergmann. The team is paid without issue. The Johnson doesn't particularly care they extracted a scientist, and tells the team to make sure he doesn't reveal the operation. Tobias snaps his neck and Sinister passes the body to Doctor O+ for disposal.


  • 14,000 nuyen
  • 5 karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


A drekking chocolate factory. Not only did chubs not have any cyber to even be acknowledge I had to leave taking the loss. Then during the run my team doesn't trigger the security so I have no excuse to start evening the score. Then at the end we had to bring this meatsack back. He made us and had to go. Some people were soft and trying to pay for magic to fix the problem. But after the johnson basically told us that guy was better of dead, he was ghoul food.


Thinking about what I did to that guy... makes me feel a little sick. Otherwise, it was a job I didn't have to take kami for. That doesn't happen very often. Glad I had that one chem patch, though I should have remembered my ghost box sooner.


All of that...All of it for a BROWNIE recipe.