I wish I had an Angel

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I wish I had an Angel
LocationSeattle, Bellevue
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved


The runners need to get a angel statue.


The Johnson and her husband divorced, and she got kicked out. He still has a necklace stored in an angel statue, and will not give it to her. So she hires runners.

The Meet

The meet takes place in a good French restaurant called "Le Pavilion" The runners can order food before the J arrives. They eat a good amount of the real food, not just soy stuff. The Johnson arrives and tells them that they need to retrieve her angle statue, and she does not want anybody there getting hurt. Cause there are 2 kids and a maid. Hurting her ex is ok, but no lasting harm. The pay will be 8K and an extra 2K if no one notices them stealing the statue. They get the location of the house and picture of the statue.

The Plan

The team spends a day scouting out the place by foot/drone. It is a good neighborhood, mostly humans with the exception of the target house. They are elves. The house has 1 story and a nice yard, with pool and apple trees. There is a Neighborhood Watch active in the area.

They decide that it would be best when Shuffle causes a distraction in from of the house to lure out the kids and dad. And let Turul sneak in through the back.

The Run

In the late evening they execute their plan. Shuffle makes a very good trick and magic show, and draw basically the attention of the whole neighborhood. Turul sneaks in through the backyard. Nobody notices him. The maid is in the kitchen doing the dishes. Turul starts quietly searching the rooms, but can't find anything. So Flyboy distracts the maid, to make it easier for Turul to get into the other rooms. He does this by ringing on the front door, and pretending to have questions about pests in the region. Turul now finds the statue, searches for tags. He only finds a hidden compartment in the base of the statue. In there is a necklace with wooden pearly with red gems in them. He gets out through the backyard and everyone goes away. Shuffle makes 200 NuYen with his show.


They meet the J a few hours later. She takes out the necklace, and pays everyone the 8000 and the 2000 extra.


8K NuYen and 5 Karma

+2K NuYen for compleating the extra objective

+200 NuYen for Shuffle as tips for the show


House Map.jpg

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This was a weird one I tell you what. I mean, cut and dry, we put a distraction on to gain access to the target and then I occupy anyone left in the house but I'm not quite sure why the necklace was worth so much to the guy. Ahwell, no questions asked is probably for the best, I ain't turning down easy cash.


A very nice change of pace. In and out, no blood, no destruction. Easy money. Almost therapeutic.