Beggars Can't Be Choosers

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Beggars Can't Be Choosers
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Humanis Policlub
Rehabilitation Inmates
Casualties and losses
None. One operative cell.


The team goes pick up some industrial machinery for the ghouls!


Nameless has been struggling to make ends meet in Glow City. He needs to look towards self-sufficiency as much as possible, but it's difficult in an irradiated wasteland.

The Meet

Nameless meets the team under Glow City, in a somewhat open sinkhole once used as a waste disposal site. For whatever reason, flora has begun blooming where there was only fecal matter and surprisingly the place has turned into a minor oasis, though one still shouldn't drink the water. He's polishing his blade as he meets all three of the runners, led to the place by Samsara who already knows the spot. He mentions that he's arranged for a deal with the Black Vory, organized in Tacoma. They agreed to bring some outdated 20th century machinery in the sprawl for the ghouls to use, in return for Nameless' top rate services. He doesn't seem thrilled about the payment, but will not go back on his word. The team will have to find some trucks and pick the gear up from the docks in Tacoma. In return, the ghoul commune will get to work in constructing arms and armor -- seems they're working to arm themselves for something, which Nameless claims to be potential aggression from Renraku. Samsara privatley pushes further, and Nameless admits that it's a lie. He's noticed small caverns leading further underground; lower levels of the Seattle Underground have opened up and untold monstrosities risk coming up to the commune. If they're to fight these harvester, wendigo and grendel hordes, they'll need to be armed for it.

The Run

Going through their contacts, the team finds a few places to look at in terms of finding transportation. A mechanic contact ends up providing information about a rental service in Puyallup, and he himself can retrofit them with a fifth set of wheels for the cargo containers, but he'll require payment for it. The team agrees to this and sets off to meet the rental service. It's a run-down place, and Swerve attempts to bypass the rental part of the service entirely by controlling the owner's thoughts. He notices her influence, however, and tells her to leave at gunpoint. Rhicter tries to smoothe this misunderstanding out and with some grumbling just does the transaction, getting two hacked up garbage trucks that seem to be at the end of their lifespan. The trio drive these two trucks to their mechanic friend who then installs the extra pieces, leaving them to head to Tacoma next.

The Vory aren't particularly welcoming, thankfully possessing the manifest of the items bargained for helps in claiming validity for passing on their turf. After a minor misunderstanding with an inventory manager lady, the team goes to another set of warehouses and finally finds the gear they're looking for. After they've been loaded, Samsara almost causes a fight then and there due to her short fuse and the Vory being loudmouthed intimidators. Thankfully, her teammates are there to keep her in check.

On their drive back, however, the trucks start coughing up black smoke and they're almost shot at with an RPG. An ambush on the highway occurs as four unidentified assailants try to light all of the runners up. With Samsara as the spearhead, Rhicter backs her up in subduing three of the four with grenade batting. The fourth, a marksman far far away, manages to escape undetected. Samsara's infuriated by not managing to catch all of them and throws a tantrum before interrogating the remainder. While they don't get too far, they do get to know that Humanis has kept an eye on the traffic going to the Ghoul Commune in Glow City and decided to strike the convoy, assuming it was important to the ghouls. Knowing that there's someone observing the entrance to the underground tunnels, the team drive the trucks to a designated parking lot nearby and stake out a few promising-looking spots nearby. This diligence pays off and they spot a drone flying by on a scouting mission. Going pedal to the metal, all three chase it down to a lone scout rigger, captured as he's preparing to make his getaway. Samsara's finally had enough of smoke and mirrors and practically snaps the man's spine in half. She's caught them. Finally.


Turns out, the kid's barely eighteen and joined the Renton Crusade's remnants after his family got devoured by the ghoul attacks in Renton some time back. He's fanatical and bitter, but ultimately not entirely without reason. The team leaves him alive, as Humanis' secretive organizing structure in cells and handles leaves little to be discovered in terms of upward mobility. Samsara gives the commlink of the scout to Nameless, however, hoping he'll make use of it. Of this, he's grateful and promises to pay the team back for their services rendered.


  • 40,000 Nuyen worth of Armor & Armor Modifications or Blades (not vibro-weapons) up to avail 18
  • Remainder as Karma
  • Optional Contact: Nameless 5/1 (5 RVP or 10 CDP)
  • For Samsara: 1 Chip on Nameless
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Interesting night. Got to play face, drive a truck, shoot up a Humanis team, and help out some ghouls... All's well that ends well. Got to meet a couple a runners I've never ran with, one way to emotional, and one completely lacking. What can I say, shadowrunning takes all kinds."


I'd heard rumors about the ghouls around Glow City, so it was nice to finally make contact. Nameless seems like a great person. I really respect what he's doing for the people under him. If I can, I'd want to help him more in the future. Helping one of us, helps all of us. Regarding the run itself, buying those trailers was painful, but Jeremy at least cut me a deal which was nice. I wasn't expecting Humanis, but it figures that they'd show up, scurrying around like the rats they are. I hope that one we left alive won't end up harming the ghouls. I don't get why Samsara suddenly started caring about him at the end.


It was nice to see Nameless again, glad that he and his people are doing well - I just hope he's okay, he mentioned there's a lot of trouble and that they needed weapons and armor and stuff, and that he had to do some pretty unsavory stuff to make those deals. Still, he's a good guy doing his best, so I was happy to help out. Driving that old truck was neat, until we got shot at by fragging Humanis that is - the others wanted to kill them, and one even swallowed a fragging cyanide pill like this is some spy movie drek and not a bunch of racist jerks bullying ghouls, but I didn't think they deserved to die or anything. Maybe that sniper, fragging coward... still, got their commlinks so Nameless can at least try to find out what they're up to.