Nora Inu

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Nora Inu
Shooty Talky Burnout Wheelgirl Adept
Street Cred7
Public Awareness2
Titles and Awards0
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - E
Resources - B

Character Information


Oni burnout adept with a sweet ride, big guns and a winning, tusky grin. Ex-Yakuza (because screw the Kenran-Kai and the Kanaga-Gumi). Ork Underground tour guide.


  • Recover from becoming a mongrel and find new respect from others and herself
  • Protect her neighbours and community, and gracefully receive their gratitude (for those make-believe feudalism style points)
  • Provide for her former subordinates from the Shigeda-Gumi, try and get them new gigs


Nora idolized the Yakuza after seeing them from their best side as strong people who can protect the weak, leading to alienation from her parents. When she awoke as a physical adept, the followers of the New Way were happy to have her. After the fall (or betrayal, as she would now call it) of the Shigeda-Gumi she was shuffled into the Kenran-Kai. The going in the streets was rough, and, having saved up some money, she opted for a little help in form of a Smartlink and some Genemods. She woke up with a terrible itch all over herself, and her magic abilities depleted by the recycled cyberware she had been implanted without her consent. Her oyabun and her doctor had conspired to cheaply boost her combat efficiency and saddle her with a handsome debt at the same time. After she had worked off the debt, living in appalling conditions for a while to save money, and working shameful jobs on the side, she renounced her allegiance to the Kenran- Kai respectfully. She had her pinky cut off and was dishonorably expelled, though she was able to palm the digit and have it reattached by Messner Vukotic. While she has found a home, a legal profession, and maybe even something approaching a new family in the Ork Underground, she is reluctant to settle down and kick back yet. She still feels responsible for the subordinates she left behind, and thinks her personal strength is insufficient to even tackle the problems in her immediate neighborhood. She adopted the insulting street-name Nora Inu to remind herself that the time for pride and to stop struggling has not yet come. As if her ill-fitted, itching muscle replacements were not enough of a memento. It takes more than leaving the Kenran-Kai behind to stop being a mongrel.

Narratively Significant Qualities

Fame (Local): Someone has to keep the curious tourists out of trouble, while making sure they still leave some money in the neighborhood. Just not all their money and all their blood, that wouldn't be good. Nora Inu used to be quite memorable and charming while guiding surface dwellers around the undercity. As part of the work she explored the Ork Underground on her own and ingratiated herself with its denizens. She still works for the community putting in flexible but occasionally unplanned and urgent hours.

From these origins, as well as her contacts with various criminal groups and denizens of the underground, from the Skra'cha to the Infected, from old trogs to the returning children of those dwarves who built parts of this place, Nora has built a new enterprise: Safe Passage is an agency that offers talent ranging from surveying, intelligence, physical protection to peacekeeping, diplomatic negotiation and conflict mediation. Prices are often-times not measured in Nuyen, but rather in goodwill and favors.

Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken) (Shotozumi-Rengo): The Kanaga-Gumi and Kenran-Kai wouldn't know loyalty if it wore a plaque and bit them in the ass. Of course, what Nora hates most about them is the Old Way ideology that drives them to do this to signify the not-belonging of metas, non-ethnically-Japanese and women.

Weak Immune System: Saddled with cheap recycled ware without her consent has weakened not just her essence but also her body. She is often rubbing her itchy limbs or nursing colds, announcing them far and wide with violent sneezing.

Mentor Spirit (Bear): The Bear, the Mountain, the Daimyō. When Nora rescued Bento, her former subordinate, and helped her escape Seattle and the 100k Nuyen bounty on her head, she garnered the approval and support of this many-faced spirit. Stoic and determined, they will brook no insult or injury to Nora's team or herself.

Common Sense: Since her time as a chain chomp, Nora has had to learn to think much more independently. With no superiors to fall back on, and no instructions to keep her out of trouble, she had to hone her own sense of which ideas might be bad bad ones. Her gut feeling has become rather reliable. Maybe it is enhanced by Bear's wisdom.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
This Is HalloweenAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking31 October 2082
Dave's BBQAurora31 October 2082
Just The Right ColourAsmodeusHail to the Pumpking17 October 2082
A Night On The SlopesTekomandorWhat Fate Weaves10 August 2080
A Shadowrun Based on Stick and Poke's RunningDrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story18 June 2080
The Dreadnoughts-Cider RoadDrBurst10 March 2080
Whispers In The DarkTekomandorDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story17 February 2080
AC/DC - ThunderstruckDrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story9 February 2080
Frank Turner - Four Simple WordsDrBurstUnwanted Evolution - A Punk Rock Tour27 January 2080
Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned FragileDrBurst26 January 2080
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 2)DrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story16 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - 9mm And A Three Piece SuitDrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story16 December 2079
From All The Stuff I Heard It'll Be An Easy SellDrBurst8 December 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 2)DrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story17 November 2079
19 November 2079
Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went NumbDrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story10 November 2079
Set Your Goals - The Few That RemainDrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story10 November 2079
There is this party where I will be raising hellDrBurst24 October 2079
Nora Inu Initiation Run ITekomandor13 December 2078
Fury RoadDusk23 November 2078

There is this party where I will be raising hell 9 Karma, 5000¥, +3 Krime Rep.
Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb 8 Karma, R4 Ruthenium Polymer Coating.
Set Your Goals - The Few That Remain 8 Karma, 2000¥.
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash (Part 2) 10 Karma, 20,000¥.
Fury Road 3 Karma, Adapsin, Used Plastic Bonelacing > Alphaware Aluminum Bonelacing, 1400¥, +1 Faction Rep Ares Macrotechnology.
From All The Stuff I Heard It'll Be An Easy Sell 7 Karma, 16000¥, +3 Krime Rep.
Nora Inu Initiation Run I 10 Karma, Mentor Spirit (Bear) at chargen cost.
Streetlight Manifesto - The Three of Us (Part 2) 30000¥, 2 karma, +1 Ex-NeoNET, +1 Taco Temple, +3 Horizon.
Streetlight Manifesto - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit 14000¥, 7 karma, +1 Black Star, +3 ex-NeoNET.
Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile 16,000¥, 4 karma
Frank Turner - Four Simple Words 17000¥, 4 karma, +1 Seattle Punk Scene
AC/DC - Thunderstruck 25 Karma, 10,400¥ in Peso Libre, Beta Reaction Enhancers, Alpha Bone Lacing Aluminum > Delta Bone Lacing Titanium, Double Elastin, Alpha Pain Editors, 2 AV missile, 100 Hand Load APDS rounds, +3 Aztechnology Rep
Whispers In The Dark 15 Karma, First Impression at chargen cost, Ork Underground Rep +5
The Dreadnoughts-Cider Road 7 Karma, 14,000¥, 8,000¥ worth of Doomcider.
Stick and Poke - Running 8 Karma, 10,500¥, +1 Ex-Firewatch rep
A Night On The Slopes Help with Safe Passage, 5 Karma
Just The Right Colour Barrens Rat for free, 2 CDP, Pump King Jack unlocked for purchase as a contact
This Is Halloween 15 Karma, 12 CDP



Non-Mechanical Contacts

Former Subordinates:
Bento (Alisson Davies): Japano-fangirl, Rigger (Human). Calls Nora "O-Nee-Sama", taking everything she read about Japanese politeness just a smidge too far. Deeper and deeper in debt to the Yakuza due to frequently damaged combat drones, often beyond repair. Ended up with 100k on her head and had to get out of Seattle.
Akumakami (Wakanabe Sato): Noctura, joined the Yakuza like his father (deceased) and his father's father (deceased) before him. Enraged at the Shigeda-Kanaga-Schism. Got out before Nora. Rumored to have studied at a ninja school. Claims to "never carry less than five pistols".
Claw (Freedom Sterling): Heavily chromed ork combat machine. Revels in being an attack dog for the Kenran-Kai- Just point at some unfortunate fraghead and watch him go. Less of a fighter than a killer, unfortunately. But a subordinate is a subordinate and you play the hand you're dealt.





In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

1 hit: Huh, it means "Stray Dog", apparently... There's an old movie by that name, too. Like old-old. Not just pre-trid old, black and white old.

2 hits: Nora Inu helps out the neighborhood watch in an area of the Ork Underground.

3 hits: She cut most all her ties to the Yakuza in the early seventies. She's only in touch with her former direct subordinates.

4 hits: She seems to be the same person as Hikari Ita: A reputable Guide for Ork Underground tours. Her ratings on NeoYelp are top notch.

Shadow Community Table

1 hit: Has some shitty ware, and poor health as a result. Testament to how low some chop shops will stoop to make a nuyen off of the back of their patients. Go thank your street doc today if they never wronged you. Is steadily improving thanks to working her ass off legally and in the shadows.

2 hits: She's a pretty good shot. Really likes her explosive rounds on full auto. Also fond of taking charge of negotiations and in combat.

3 hits: Lost a finger to the Yaks but got it back. Good for her. Her losing the finger is actually floating around as a cybereye vid somewhere.

4 hits: She can kill quiet as a whisper, too. She just likes being loud and flashy or at least suave and charming better.


Hikari Ita: Rating 4, Rating 4 Adept, Firearms, Restricted Cyberware, Restricted Drugs and Tour Guide Licenses.


Tall to begin with, the assertive and determined posture of this red Oni make her look even more imposing, as does her wild mane. Overall, though, she's built quite a bit less bulky than many other Orks. Her pointy tusks and teeth line her cocky grin like an ivory crown. They gleam white, speaking of a lot of effort and maybe a product or two that went into keeping them this way. Or a really good dentist, maybe. She has a a stylized sight picture tattooed on her right palm, showing an ornamentally decorated circle with twin lines going up to a bright green triangle in the center. Her left pinkie has a ringlike scar spanning its middle joint, and the wrist and left hand show bite scars. Her nails are kept short, and her skin is clear, but furrowed by deep wrinkles. Her wide jaw and horns frame her face well, but her wide open, piercing eyes can sometimes turn strangers away faster than she'd like.


Rocking a fashion armor ensemble of a silk sheen, navy blue overcoat with red ornaments and a large chrysanthemum on the back over a sweater & skirt combo. A synthetic fur trim makes the shiny, black combat boots she insists on wearing seem a little less aggressive. Nothing is permanent, of course, and a high tech Ruthenium Polymer Coating allows her to not only change up colors and patterns on her overcoat, but also lets her blend into the environment when she has to.

Matrix Persona

Highly stylized and abstract humanoid figure in a flowing garb. Looks flat like a drawing on paper from every angle, but bold contours and clever textures still make the individual elements pop. The slim figure seems physically unimpressive, but the face is an intimidating, hollow-eyed, featureless mask. A custom job that speaks of talent and lots of effort, more than of professionalism and efficiency. A maker's mark, a tiny red stamp floating near the ankles, identifies an upcoming designer in the Ork Underground. When Nora is engaged in dubious business, the maker's mark vanishes, the icon turning into a backlit dark silhouette of itself, eyeholes glowing eerily.

Media Mentions

Providence published a piece on ghetto tourism, heavily leaning on an Interview with Nora. In exchange, Nora got exposure and increased revenue. Completely unrelated to this, Providence also released an interview with a "veteran of the tempo wars", a disgruntled Ex-Yakuza elf. She credits an 'anonymous source' with putting her in touch with the man. As thanks for this, and for an extra long, private tour of the underground, Providence provided the initial concept for a custom matrix persona for this anonymous source.
Nora also made a prominent media appearance side by side with Yokai, when they assembled a coalition of Orc Underground, Ex-Corporate and Infected forces to fight a bug infestation underneath the Redmond Barrens.

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