Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story

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This metaplot deals with the former members of Firewatch who left Ares over their bug experiments in Pyro.

Factions Involved


The Ex-Firewatch are made of people who left Ares when they discovered the bugs from project Pyro were taking over. A lot have faked their own deaths to escape Ares and have dodge or eliminated Ares wetwork teams targetting them and their loved ones.


  • Stop the bug infection in Ares.
  • Prevent their loved ones from being targetted by Ares.


CGL Canon

  • ex-Colonel Anne Ravenheart

Haven Canon


Project Pyro Supporters

This faction plays the anti-villain in this plotline. These people are doing terrible things, unforgivable things because they believe they must. "Can't you see," people of this sub-faction would say," we were losing. We have to incorporate bug biology into ourselves. The board of directors were questioning this dreadful purpose, of course, Mr. Knight had to eliminate them. Of course, we accept his emergency powers. Of course, we have to pull all of Ares back to home base to undergo this horrible upgrade, metahumanity is lost if we don't."


  • Save metahumanity from the bug threat using the only means that can do that.
  • Eliminate all traitors inside the company stopping this goal.


CGL Canon
  • Mr. Knight
Haven Canon


Project Pyro Opponents

These people see the madness in Ares and want to stop the bug problem from the inside.


  • Clear the bug threat within Ares.


CGL Canon
  • Rex Simmons (Former CatCo Ares Company Man)
  • Arthur Vogel (Ares Board Member, now deceased)
Haven Canon


Lone Star


  • Take advantage of the power vacuum by deploying their Shadowrider HTR units to fill the void in the high-end HTR market.


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