You Will Never Take Me Alive

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You Will Never Take Me Alive
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationAtlanta, Georgia
Result Runners manage to fake the death of the Horizon extraction target (Roy Bell) and return him to the ex-Firewatch SINless camp. Horizon pays the runners in full for their efforts.
Factions Involved
Ice Cube
The Hot-Rodder from Hell
Ares Macrotechnology
Casualties and losses
None None


The Runners were called to perform an extraction on behalf of Horizon (indirectly on the behalf of Ares) from a SINless former Firewatch camp.

The Meet

The meet was hosted at one of Seattle's finest steak houses (at one point, cider was flown in for Ice Cube). The Johnson had proposed a simple extraction and acquisition of the target from a SINless camp, except that Usagi, acting as the negotiator and face essentially managed to ascertain that the Johnson was essentially lying about most, if not all, the particulars. After some discussion, the Shadowrunners agreed to take the job, which promised to pay 32K nuyen and would be lucrative in connections for them.

They also met their plant inside the compound, a woman dressed in a ex-Firewatch uniform. They were given her DNI for assistance and help extracting the target from camp.

The Plan

The initial plan involved Usagi attempting to act like a SINless person to find the person required to extract, while Tanuki, Ice Cube, and Mercury extracted the target avoiding as many Firewatch as possible, while Hot-Rodder kept the car warm for the extraction. Once extracted, they would ask the target what they like to do and fake his death if need be, having not trusted the Johnson's dodginess around the topic at this point.

The Run

The Runners severely underestimated the ex-Firewatch's ability to detect bullshit. While getting into position through the tunnels underneath the compound, Usagi was detained by the ex-Firewatch, and told the others to surrender to the ex-Firewatch. After a few discussions and executive calls back and forth, the other runners decided to tell Usagi they were withdrawing. Instead of withdrawing, they contacted the mole within the ex-Firewatch, having her create a distraction of two street samurai trolls on a hair trigger, reducing the number of people looking for the runners in the tunnels. The runners manage to barely elude the group looking for them, and Hot-Rodder, using her skills as a driver, lead the ex-Firewatch on a merry chase.

Meanwhile, the mole manages to get Usagi alone, and comes up with a cover that Usagi is to tell the rest of the ex-Firewatch that the runners were working for Evo. She also manages to secure the target in a location for the other runners to retrieve. Using a few close calls and stealth, they manage to secure the target. Usagi, after being beat up a bit, is released after convincing the ex-Firewatch that Evo had hired them for the recovery.

After a close call with the pursuit, the Runners manage to secure the target to discuss with him exactly what Ares was up to.

The target revealed that Ares was doing some horrible bug things, and was alright to going back to the ex-Firewatch; however, the runners had the problems of the Firewatch mole and getting paid. A plan was worked out: using one of Usagi's fixers, they managed to get fake evidence that the target had died (suicide), filed a fake death report with Lonestar of an sinless that died in a similar location, and returning the target back with the ex-Firewatch, tipped them off they had a mole to burn discreetly.


Somehow, incredibly so, this is exactly what happened. The Runners ended up informing the Johnson, who said they understood, hoped they could work together again, and incredibly, forwarded the full payment.


  • 2 karma
  • 36000 nuyen
  • +3 rep with Horizon
  • +3 rep with ex-Firewatch

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

LuckyHare Never underestimate the power of blatant lies, apparently. I think it's time to play the lotto and join a Russian Roulette ring, because apparently nothing can actually touch me.