Civil Danger Warning: Local Terrorist Cell Disrupted In Raids

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You lean back, enjoying your favorite trid.

Suddenly, ARO emergency protocols take over on your civilian commlink and every icon flashes red. You pause your video.




A tone hold for a few moments as “Civil Danger Warning” flashes on your screen.

“The following message has been transmitted by request of the Seattle Branch of Knight Errant and Franklin Associates Emergency Management. Civil authorities have issued a warning for the City of Seattle. As of 2:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, unconfirmed reports have come in from around the city of armed persons escaping a recent KE raid of a terrorist cell of traitors to the megacorperation. Horizon and Ares Global Media has confirm these events. While civil authorities work to contain the situation, citizens around the city are being advised to stay away any of the following people until the situation is under control. If one of these people are spotted, please press your panic button and report their location immediately."

What follows is a file with a list of 100 or so people. Deep research revealed them all to be with recently burnt Ares employees, ex-Firewatch or former Ares employees.

That stuff kept me up all night long. There were some people chased right before my door with three KE roadmasters, but if you ask me there is far more going on then the officials are willing to tell you. - BFG