Memo Regarding Recent Attacks on Project Pyro Facilities

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Knight Errant Security Services

For Internal Release Only

Given the recent provocations of Shadowrunners targeting critical projects for the defense of metahumanity against the bugs, we are forced to make a horrifying conclusion. There is a high probability that Shadowrunners targeting our facilities are flesh form bug spirits themselves. This conclusion is made in light of a runner’s body which revealed this horrible truth.

Ares remains the steadfast sword in the darkness, we are willing to do anything in the defense of metahumanity. We are willing to spend any amount of nuyen and any amount of blood to defend the world against the bugs. This is our duty, this is our calling. While we try our best to detain criminals attacking us and bring them to justice via due processes, these enemy combatants are beyond saving.

To this end, I hereby order all Knight Errant Security officers to treat Shadowrunners incursions onto Project:Pyro facilities as incursions by the bug threat. You are ordered to eradicate with flame and laser fire. Those targets are not metahumanity. Weapons are fully free. All defensive options, including advanced air support, are available to you.

We will not let the bugs win by hiring mercenary lowlives willing to infect themselves for a few nuyen.

Lux in Tenebris!

Roger Soaring Owl

Executive Vice President of Knight Errant Security Forces