A Run based on Stick and Poke's Remember Me when you Sing

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A Run based on Stick and Poke's Remember Me when you Sing
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationWest Virginia
Result Shadow Haven victory, Wolf's Gaze and co. rescued successfully
Factions Involved
Frag Face
Wolf's Gaze
Ares Project Pyro bugs
Knight Errant
Casualties and losses
Deimos wounded, Wolf's Gaze wounded. All Bugs KIA


The runners were hired to go pull Wolf's Gaze out of the fire by Wolf herself, and got dragged into turning into exterminators.


Wolf contacted one of her followers to give Wolf's Gaze a hand dealing with some bugs in a secret Ares Macrotechnology compound in West Virginia (which I don't remember the name of).

The Meet

Pretty short and to the point here. The runners were offered 30k to go out there and help, saw dollar signs, and agreed.

The Plan

Kick the wall down, run in screaming, and hit the bugs til they die. (Alternatively: *CONFUSED ANGRY SCREAMING*)

The Run

The Runners arrived via air, and stealthily infiltrated the region where the compound was. They found a convenient cave in which to lay low and wait for nightfall, and use Luna's drones to survey the area. With that limited intel, the runners elected to levitate over the fence, and then hit the office building wherein most of the bug infested Firewatch were positioned, while Deimos and BB provided overwatch from the roof of the residential building nearby.

Their attempt at providing overwatch went... poorly, as shortly after engaging, Deimos went down, though she did manage to squash a bug with a satellite dish. BB dropped to the ground to drag her out of the line of fire, and handed her over to the Knight Errant officers that elected not to side with the bugs, before taking a burst of MG fire and going down herself. Meanwhile, in the other building, Frag Face splattered the first bug he came across, before engaging in a duel with the MMA trainer bug spirit that took a fair while, while Marionette and Luna provided supporting fire, either personally or via drones.

They continued doing the good work for several combat turns, during which time BB got up, whiffed, and then was put firmly back down, before one of the bugs attempted to finish the Banshee off, realizing then what she was. Thankfully, Marionette (I think) managed to distract him from doing more than superficial damage to the Infected, though she remained unconscious until the fight was over, as regeneration takes time. Eventually, Frag Face, Marionette, and Luna were able to destroy the remaining bugs, rescue 40 odd captives from certain infestation, and drag Deimos and BB back onto the airplane before HTR showed up.


They burned down the facility, dropped Wolf's Gaze and her compatriots off at a location of their choosing, and then returned to Seattle.


  • 30,000 Nuyen, 40 karma, +3 rep Ex Firewatch, +3 rep Ares: Anti-Project Pyro
  • +1 PA Frag Face, Luna, and Marionette

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Luna - Normally I don't pay much mind to Ares, Knight Errant are annoying but ineffective at dealing with organized crime on a large scale, especially when facing a group as powerful as the Ancients (though there are few worth considering our equals). They also aren't direct competitors in arms dealing. Legal purchases of their weapons go through them, we fight the yaks and vory for the illegal purchases. This bug business though...this is something else. It scares me. They dropped a banshee 3 different times (nearly managing to kill her) and sent Marion running scared twice. If the Ancients fight these things head on, we're doomed; we don't have the numbers or the strength to win without partnering with other...lesser groups.

Baobhan Sith: 3 things: Frag a bunch of fragging bugs, don't split the fragging party, and my voice -still- isn't the same after nearly getting decapitated... I'm happy to have just made it out the other side of this with my skin mostly intact.

Deimos: "You know, I need better armor. I get that flying around throwing sattelite uplink dishes around is scary and makes me a target, but I slept for a week after this job because of it. I'm told I pancaked a bug when I dropped the dish though, so I'm not going to complain. A pancaked bug is a good bug."