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Rigger/Street Sam hybrid
(Elvish Swiss Army Knife)
Player (jag)[1]
MetatypeElf (nocturna)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.December 6th, 2051
PriorityMetatype - D
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


A rigger that uses Agility + Reaction when jumped in, also capable in meat combat


  • Keep an eye on the shadows for The Ancients
  • Improve her skills so as to serve as a more valuable asset to her people


Luna grew up near Ancients turf in Auburn and was recruited at a fairly young age. As a Nocturna she's experienced more prejudice than most elves, and they largely used this to their advantage, pushing her distrust of non-elves to an extreme. After passing her initiation she quickly became a valuable asset for the Ancients due to her aptitude as a driver. She worked for as a smuggler for years, helping transport goods in and out of Tir Tairngire, but has recently been promoted to serve as The Ancients' eyes in the shadows.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Made Man: Luna is a full-fledged member of the Ancients.
  • Signature: Luna has a bad habit of leaving a calling card featuring a stylized 8 pointed star anywhere she hits.
  • Vendetta (The Spikes): This goes beyond the usual blood feud. Luna has lost more than most to The Spikes and is always looking for payback.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Breathe Into Your Lung, Breathe Out SlowlyAuroraEnemy within15 March 2083
The FBI Is Still Fine I'm SureAurora10 February 2083
NybblecoinAurora18 November 2082
Cut to the ChaseSarcarian28 August 2082
Grave Robbers on the OutskirtsAurora28 June 2082
Patched InAurora27 April 2082
Looney TunesDocMcGuffins31 May 2081
No Grave But the SeaTekomandorWhat Fate Weaves16 April 2081
Shadowhaven Combat TournamentTeksura
21 February 2081
A Run based on Stick and Poke's Remember Me when you SingDrBurstDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story7 July 2080
Max Coveri - Running in the 90sDrBurstPanic! At the Corperate Court - The Rise of SpinGlobal
Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
23 February 2080
Streetlight Manifesto - Point Counterpoint (Part 1)DrBurstAftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story24 January 2080
Bruno Mars - 24K MagicDrBurst8 December 2079
Running In the 90sDrBurst8 December 2079



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Ether 5 2 Fixer Fixer Smuggler, Armorer, Vehicles, Elven Blood, Ganger Network, Seattle Underworld Even
Paul Emmers 4 1 Gear Racing Motorcycle Proprietor Vehicles, Drones, Modded vehicles, Bikes, Speed Demon Even
Al Green 5 2 Legwork FBI agent Federal Investigator, Baseball Fan, Skeptical, FBI Rising Star, Stakeout Duty, Anti-Terrorism Task Force Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Ancients Lieutenant 3 22 Gang Maintaining North America & Western Europe


  • Aurora - +3
  • FBI - +5


In Character Information

Luna is undyingly loyal to the Ancients. The upper echelon of the organization view her as nothing more than a highly skilled pawn, and only reward this loyalty because it suits their own needs. Those under her current level view her as an obstacle to be overcome. Elves don’t retire without good reason, so advancing through the ranks often requires a well-placed bullet, rather than patience. She's well aware of all of this, but believes the organization is one of the few best suited to overcoming the oppressive issues facing the elvish community and metahumanity as a whole today. If she can avoid conflicts within the organization she'll do so but will resort to violence if necessary, excising troublesome individuals with the precision of a doctor removing a tumor.

Her hatred of the Spikes is eternal, to her they're the worst dregs of metahumanity, lower even than groups like the Hand of Five and Alamos 20k. The Ancients have lost huge swathes of elves to the gang, including elves under Luna's command. If given the opportunity to strike back she'll do so if she can without jeopardizing her life or her current mission. Sometimes she will even if it jeopardizes everything.

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Lydia Butcher, R4 Fake National (UCAS). Licenses: Drone Operator, Restricted Cyberware, Restricted Bioware, Driver's, Firearms, P.I., Concealed Carry



Luna tends to wear a black leather Ancients jacket featuring a green circle-A on the back.

Matrix Persona

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