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LocationSeattle, Tacoma and Matrix
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Nybblecoin Founder
Joziah Pruitt
4 Guards
Nybblecoin Fans
Casualties and losses
Joziah Pruitt captured and arrested by the FBI


Al Green hires the runners to investigate Nybblecoin. The runners find out it's a dissonant plot by some Infektor technomancers following Noise to spread the dissonance among resonant technomancers.


Nybblecoin was founded by Joziah Pruitt and some other dissonant technomancers as a cryptocurrency, with the goal of spreading dissonant code throughout the matrix using the blockchain.

The Meet

Al Green meets Beartrap and Luna in an old, dirty, crumbling parking garage. He says he's got a bad feeling about Nybblecoin and explains that some of the people arrested in the last week had Nybblecoin wallets and seemed to go crazy, then escape. He asks the runners to investigate the currency itself due to a 'feeling in his gut', and offers them each 22k nuyen. The runners reluctantly accept.

The Plan

Beartrap looks up information on Joziah Pruitt, but finds he has no permanent address. She snoops some files being transferred with the blockchain the cryptocurrency uses and makes a copy on her cyberdeck to crack. Unfortunately, it has a psychotropic data bomb on it which fries her deck. After repairing her cyberdeck, she looks up the next Nybblecoin meetup in real life. She and Luna decide to go there the next day.

The Run

At the meetup in Tacoma in a AA zone, Luna scouts for Joziah using a flyspy. She spots him quickly, surrounded by some guards who are keeping people from mobbing him with questions. As he's preparing to go onstage, Beartrap heads to the bathroom and gets into her runner mask. Luna preps a rotodrone with a Terracotta on it while Beartrap hacks open the door to the outside. As soon as Luna is ready, Beartrap sets off the fire alarms and the sprinkler system, then runs out and uses Terrorscape on the entire crowd. The guards, who turn out to be FLR with synthetic limbs, do their best to defend Joziah Pruitt, though Luna and Beartrap quickly take them out, knock out Joziah, and escape the room.

Luna is able to evade KE as they escape, and drives everyone to the docks where her submersible boat is located. Having realized that Joziah is a technomancer, the submerge the vessel before he wakes back up. When he finally awakes, he's cut off from the matrix and the dissonance, which causes him significant discomfort. He does tell the team what is going on with Nybblecoin (the plot to spread dissonance to new technomancers), though he manages to place a data bomb inside of Luna's boat. When she goes to drive back to shore, it goes off causing her massive damage. After that, they keep him from touching the ship at all and knock him out with narcojet.

On shore, they turn him over to Al Green and receive their payday.


Nybblecoin assets are seized from various cryptomining firms and the cryptocurrency collapses.



  • 22k nuyen - 11 RVP
  • 8 karma - 8 RVP
  • 4 CDP - 1 RVP

+5 FBI Rep



  • -5 Ordo Maximus Rep for throwing a member's swords into the ocean before the meet

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