The FBI Is Still Fine I'm Sure

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The FBI Is Still Fine I'm Sure
LocationMt. Shasta, Tir Tairngire
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Mt. Shasta Shamans
la Rapide
Mount Shasta Shamans
Casualties and losses
Mt. Shasta Shamans


The team gets hired by the FBI to get an insect spirit artifact. They decide to give it to the Draco Foundation instead.


The Meet

The team is told to meet in a Renton parking lot. Then a couple of black jeeps arrive right on time, and the team is told to get in the back. They drive for a bit, and finally arrive, unknown to them, at the ACHE. They are led into a meeting room on the top floors of the arcology, and soon treated by their J. Cassandra Withers tells the team, that she wants them to steal a husk from the old horde of Hestaby in Mt. Shasta. The FBI can provide safe passage into the SSH and fake SINs to get into Tir Tairngire. They all agree to do the job and provide a bit of blood for their fake sins.

The Plan

The team does some minor info gathering about the place through various channels. They learn about the events at Mt. Shasta, the outer layout, and a bit more about the shamans, but not really anything terribly useful. So they'll just let Luna boat the team over and do some physical reconnaissance.

The Run

As the team arrives in the Tir all three of Pell's, Luna's and la Rapide's burner SINs get flagged by the scanner, but they manage to convince the guards that it was a malfunction and the SINs are real. Luna does some physical reconnaissance with her Fly Spy, once they arrive at the mountain. She sees multiple groups of shamans venerate toxic lava spirits, and hears some of them talk about burning everyone responsible for this (so everyone) to crisp. She also flies into the mountain and looks in the different sections for the husk, but finds nothing. The team decides that they'll sneak up the side of the mountain and attack the shamans at the entrance from a long distance, while Luna stays in the car and uses her rotodrone to attack. Bollwerk uses his grenade launcher to shoot at the shamans, and helps la Rapide with a lava spirit, once one comes up close. Pell fires her trusty rifle at the shamans, and uses counter spelling to lower the napalm wall a shaman has created around them.

Luna once again proceeds to do a bit of Fly Spy scouting, after they take out all the shamans outside the mountain. But a huge napalm wall raises itself and blocks the entrance, as soon as she flies in and narcojets one of the shamans. Then she spots a technomancer in there and has to leave her Fly Spy. The team sets up behind a few rocks and Pell tries to counterspell the wall, which doesn't work. Right afterwards the shaman lowers the wall himself to attack and a fight erupts. The runners manage to win fairly quickly though, and search in the interior after the husk after they disabled a few traps. They manage to eventually find it in a hidden part of the tunnel system, and take it with them, because shaman backup is on their way.

The husk turns out the be an ancient mantis egg, about the size of a person. Luna calls up Al Green to get some information on Cassandra as the whole is very unsure if giving this eggshell to her is a good idea. They decide that it's a very bad idea after concluding that she is definitely a bug spirit. Bollwerk's mentor spirit dragonslayer is not pissed at him, even though this breaks a promise he made, as it would be way too dangerous. Pell contacts the Draco Foundation, and they set up an exchange site in the Tir. They only get offered 10k though. After dropping off the husk, the team boats off to Seattle again. Arriving there they get a call by Cassandra Withers, but la Rapide manages to lie their way out of the situation.


Al Green is on the run in Europe after asking too many questions about Cassandra Withers.


15 karma - 15 RVP

10k nuyen - 5 RVP


IG1 Discount for Bollwerk


Bollwerk: Cyber-Singularity Seeker for -12 KARMA

La Rapide: First Impression for -11 KARMA

Luna: Perceptive 1 and Catlike for -12 KARMA

Pell: Common Sense and Quick Healer for -6 KARMA

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

la Rapide

Well well well, a bug high up in the FBI. That's not concerning at all. Well, let's hope that I don't get kidnapped in my sleep because they somehow caught wind of our betrayal. At least the artifact is somewhat secure in the hands of the Draco Foundation. Hopefully.


I would not have thought that there are other governments that have even more fucked up authorities than the German ones. But here I am in Seattle and I have to realize that they are not inferior to us in anything. A bug spirit in the highest ranks? You're only used to this shit from Ares. They better get a grip on their business. But it's probably like in the AGS - once the losers are promoted to maximum incompetence, only a bullet will take them away. The fake sins of the FBI have also failed once on the whole line. Unbelievable bunch of bunglers.


Screams internally. The UCAS' FBI is probably compromised by bugs is probably not a good thing. In any case, hope the rest of the team isn't resentful of the lower pay from the DF.