Max Coveri - Running in the 90s

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Max Coveri - Running in the 90s
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story and Panic! At the Corperate Court - The Rise of SpinGlobal
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Downtown, Seattle
Result The Ex-Neonet gain control of an old NeoNet geostationary satellite.
Factions Involved
Blue Streak
Frag Face
Ares Fan Girl


The team chased around the city, transferring control of radio towers to the Ex-neonet SINless, getting into a pretty major tussle with a corp sponsored runner team on the way.


Spinrad doesn’t really know how to operate the Neonet satellites that cover Seattle, but the Ex-neonet SINless do. If only there was a way that they could get some plausibly-deniable help to type the codes into the satellites...

The Meet

The team has some traffic troubles, but they successfully meet the Johnson in a camp for the Ex-Neonet SINless, where they find their johnson, a decker. There’s a bit of a bit of a delay as the Johnson is busy “Geeking stupid lil’ fraggers” in Call of Duty: Dragons of Aztlan, and while he does that, the team encounter a troll littering out of his car and proceed to beat him half dead, prompting him to rethink his life choices and pick up his litter. Other than that the meet goes smoothly and the team even manages to bargain for 1k extra nuyen

The Legwork

Frag Face uses his Skillsoft subscription to watch some youtube tutorials about Spinrad security procedures, and learns of the basic loadout of their guards (roller skates and monofilament yoyos) and that Spinrad hires shadowrunners. While that’s happening, Luna sends her Flyspy to scout out the sites, one in each major region of Seattle. (Through a comedic series of events involving acid, an open flame and a guard a bit too hopped up on caffeine, the one in Tacoma completely neutralises itself) The one in Downtown had an entire team of runners guarding it. Vanguard, Strange, Thrustbaron, Thread, AresFANGIRL and Missinformation.

The Plan

The first step would be to deal with the runners, so they couldn’t hound us, and then we’d methodically go through 4 sites a day so they couldn’t increase security fast enough to affect us.

The Run


We sneaked into the downtown building, lockpicked our way into the control room, then moved down to the HTR barracks in the basement, where the runners were dwelling.


Blue Streak tried to short out the camera above the door to the HTR barracks with some specialised ammo, but the guards heard the shot, so Frag Face punched a 1mx1m hole in the wall to their changing rooms, allowing the rest of the team through, and ensuring they fought their foes unarmored. The team then methodically tore their foes apart, emerging unscathed except for some minor mishaps with a flamethrower and an HMG. And Blue Streak almost being held hostage once, then actually being held at gunpoint but dodging the laser beam loosed by AresFANGIRL in an especially cinematic way. Luna took out Strange and Thread, Blue Streak took out AresFANGIRL, and Frag Face one punched Vanguard past overflow. Will he survive? Will Carbon ever manage to take his axe in honourable combat? Find out next time!


The team did the rest of the sites with relative ease, after taking a break at a street doc to patch up Blue Streak, after he got a bit too involved with a machine gun. The only site that took any real thought was Bellevue, where they got to the top of the corp building the aerial was on top of under the guise of businessmen taking a taxi, thanks to Brick’s astronomic luck. Blue Streak snuck in, put in the code, and the team left in an air taxi.


We got paid, which was nice. And we survived. Although some runners may have a bone to pick with the team. Especially Frag Face. But hey, nuyen!


  • 10 Karma
  • 17,600 Nuyen
  • +3 Reputation with Ex-NeoNET
Player Characters


I don't really approve of killing other runners, but it's difficult to blame the ork for that one. The guy shouldn't have been running around with an axe if he was going to go down like a sack of potatoes the second someone gave him a half decent hit. Still, those other runners lost a member of their team and I can understand that kind of pain. SpinGlobal needs to get better security as well, these yo-yo and cane wielding idiots are amateur hour, not something that will actually keep your assets safe in the event of an attack.