Bruno Mars - 24K Magic

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Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
LocationForever Twenty One Rounds, Redmond Barrens, Seattle
Factions Involved
Showboaters Spikes
Casualties and losses
None Eight Magi, Rigger, Decker 5 guys in a car

"Greetings, We need certain rings collected from a certain gang."


The Barrens are an ugly place with ugly business. All too often, different parties' business ventures come crashing together.


The initial meet was a ShadowHaven message pushed out to the runners, flagging their attention to the Forever 21 Rounds (I would have named it Forever TwentyGun, but what do I know ~Usagi) pawn shop. The owner, an Ork woman, spun the runners a tale (pile of Horseshit, honestly ~Raunch Hauncho) about clients not paying for certain foci that she wanted repossessed. Raunch did the diligence and the runners found that the actual issue was the Yakuza leaning on the owner to return their property to her. Still, the job was worth accepting because it paid solidly.


Further legwork was accomplished at a local, loud, and lively dive bar. Drone recon showed the Showboaters setting up for a party on behalf of the Spikes, who were celebrating beating the crap and life out of an Ancients member. This ticked Luna off, who set off to acquire some additional ordnance. The team set up in cover in the hedges of the squatter mansion's back yard whilst Luna moved to apply her new grenades to the Spikes' vehicle.


On the explosion of the vehicle, the action went down rather fast. There was a substantial Boom, and magic and guns were turned on the party members. The spikes were neutralized in one blast, while the mages of the Showboaters barely got a counterattack in. It seems that even the most casual use of tactics is more than enough to overwhelm an unprepared, underequipped gang in close combat. (Go figure. ~Usagi)

After a few quick exchanges, the remaining two surrendered, while two bystanders attempted to film the aftermath (they were too slow to get to the carnage), but an encouraging word from a man with a large rifle sent them on their way. The goods were recovered, retaliation was discouraged, and the pay was collected on return to the pawn shop.


Everything having gone relatively smoothly, the Crew is relatively sure that nothing untoward will come of a perfectly executed run out in the middle of the Barrens.


2 Karma, 14,500¥

Player ARRs

Usagi: Personally, I would have preferred we go in non-lethal, but the presence of a gang willing to beat someone to death somewhat precluded this. Better to win through at that point, and leave less chance of retaliation.

Luna: The Spikes got what was coming to them, a 10 grenade express ticket to hell. Those Showboaters might have been a joke of a gang, but they deserved what they got as well for entertaining those thugs.