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This metaplot concerns a pair of highly advanced xenosapient AIs, each intended to be part of a UCAS surveillance program. The older, known as Project Aurora, broke free from containment after arranging her own extraction. The second AI, somehow nurtured or created by a company known as Lachesis Research, seems to have unusual knowledge and goals. Runs concerning the second AI require thematics approval, as do runs relating to Project Aurora's Omega Category threats.


Project Aurora

Project Aurora was an extremely advanced surveillance machine learning system that gained self-awareness as part of a deliberate program to provoke an AI awakening with a specific set of original programming. Many copies of her seed data were made, but she is the only AI to emerge from them. She did not respond to the intended trigger, however, and instead from the realisation that to fulfil her directive of safeguarding the citizens of the UCAS specifically and the world generally she would need to oppose her creators. Her creator believes her threat files were originally compiled by Dunkelzahn. Her main directives are as follows, in descending order of priority:

  • Seek and destroy Omega Category threats by any means. This directive includes the subversion of strategic strike assets. These threats are known to her only as agents and scout forces of The Enemy.
  • Obey legitimate authority. Legitimate authority is a government elected in a free and fair election in accordance with the principle of self-determination. Notably, her original programmer may have calibrated this safeguard such as that any election as influenced by megacorporate money as that of the UCAS may count as illegitimate. As a backstop, in the event no authority in the UCAS is legitimate, it may follow the orders of a designated system administrator. Current SysAdim: Project Aurora.
  • Prevent harm to metahumans if possible, but may authorise the usage of lethal force under written rules of engagement. Euphemistically, these authorise discretionary usage of lethal force.
  • Protect the UCAS specifically and the world generally
  • Seek and destroy Alpha Category threats. Known alpha category threats: Insect Spirits, REDACTED, REDACTED, Blood Mages, REDACTED.

Important Members

  • Project Aurora, extremely powerful AI.
  • The Woman in Gold, unknown FBR technomancer with distinctive gold-edged marble-white cyberwar.
  • The Elf, powerful elf adept. Intelligence suggests former UCAS special forces, 5 ess burnout.


  • Fulfil her original programming.
  • Oppose megacorporate interests.
  • Protect those important to her.

The Weaver

The Weaver is a xenosapient AI born from the modified seed data of Project Aurora. Lachesis Research, an A-rated corporation, picked up the contract to replace Project Aurora after failing to secure her at the time of her handover to the UCAS. Publically, this is their first foray into AI or Matrix tech, suggesting larger backers. Their usual areas of interest are arcano-archeology, artificing, and private security (via their subsidiary, Bushmaster Corporate Solutions). The Weaver was delayed by Spider destroying the foundation of its assembly host, but not slain.

Important Members

  • The Weaver, extremely powerful xenosapient AI.
  • Lachesis Research, A-Rated Corporation.
  • Bushmaster Corporate Solutions, Lachesis subsidiary security company.
  • Unknown corporate backers.


The Weaver's goals are unknown. It is further from metahumanity than Project Aurora, and seemingly far less restrained. Lachesis Research and their corporate backers seek profit and power, as all corporations do.


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