Looney Tunes

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Looney Tunes
LocationMetaplane of Saturday Mornings
Status Threat Level: Semi-Prime
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Bug Spirits
Trash Panda
Bug-Infested Cartoon KE Officers


Team is hired by a spirit from the metaplane of Saturday Morning Cartoons to come and save them from an incursion of bug spirits.

The Meet

The team met with the spirit, a cartoonish looking rabbit, who was giving off some real "Roger Rabbit" vibes begging the team for help and offering to pay the team for their services. The rabbit promised he could open an astral gate to get the team there. The team agreed, and a gate was opened.

The Run

The team then found themselves on the mataplane, in a cartoon bar. After talking to the other patrons for information on where to find the bugs (who had infested the police), the team was given convoluted directions to see the wizard for advice.

After a few failed attempts to follow, the team started to get the hang of the cartoon logic, and eventually caught on to the correct way to follow the directions when they solved the puzzle.

The team then started following a yellow brick road, but realized that they weren't getting closer. The team realized they could go into a nearby cave, and lean hard into the cartoon logic by just drawing a door on the wall and walking through it.

Now facing the great and powerful wizard, the team spoke about the bug problem, and realizes there was no help to be had from the "wizard", who was about as great and powerful as the Wizard of Oz. However, he explained to the team that they will have an easier time if they don't think, but just do. The more you think, the dumber you get. He clued the team in to the fact that they could tap into the cartoon logic of the metaplane and that absurdities would just work as long as you don't think too hard about it.

Trash Panda decided she was ready to deal with the bugs, and announced she knew exactly how to get us there fast. With a cry of "Scene change!" and some tapping into the nature of the metaplane, she reached out of view and dragged a new background into place, putting the team in the bathroom of the police station.

The team started sneaking through the station, and eventually found the chief, who was recognized as the bug queen. The team realized the door was locked, so they wrote up a sign announcing the new "Open door policy" from the chief, which opened the door. The team went in, removed the sign, and locked the door and prepared for a fight.

The bug queen/chief was invulnerable, protected by a badge that said "Plot armor", but Rabbit was able to destroy the badge, and make the queen vulnerable. The team was now able to take down the queen and all of the other bug spirits in the room.

However, now the rest of the station was trying to force their way into the room. Another door was drawn on the wall to create an emergency exit, and Trash Panda reached into her hammer-space to pull out an armful of TNT. Don't ask. She lit the TNT, and just as the cops got the door open, she shoved the TNT into the arms of the first cop, triggering her Fast Talk specialization by talking quickly, asking them to hold this for a minute for me okay thanks I'll be right back!

The team left through the exit and stuck their fingers in their ears before the explosion, turning the entire station into a smoking crater.

The team returned to the bar and met with the rabbit who hired them, and got themselves their trip home and got their money.


  • 40k¥
  • 20 Karma
  • 1 Comlink personality of Rascal the Cartoon Rabbit
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


As nice as it was to have a chance to visit the metaplanes again, this was, without a shred of doubt, the weirdest day I have had in a long, long time.