Streetlight Manifesto - Point Counterpoint (Part 1)

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Streetlight Manifesto - Point Counterpoint (Part 1)
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
LocationTacoma docks
Factions Involved
Units involved
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
30 Yakuza guards, 2 awakened, 2 riggers, and 8 deckers
Casualties and losses
1 Yakuza guard and 1 Yakuza decker


"I've got a gun in my hand, but the gun won't cock

My finger's on the trigger but that trigger seems locked

And I can't stop staring at the tick tock clock

And even if I could I would never give up"


The team is asked to meet at a Vory bar around 8 pm, and the various team members go through their usual routines when gearing up for a job. Most notably, Luna puts a call in to the Ancients to make sure this job doesn't conflict with their interests, though the Ancients decide that their favorite Shadowrunner should be as informed as possible about this job. She's invited to Tarislar, where she meets some high ranking Ancients at a local bar. They proceed to inform her of every single detail of the Vory's plans, mainly that they intended to discredit the Yakuza by replacing a shipment of guns intended for the ex-NeoNET SINless who were gearing up for an assault on an Evo facility. The guns would operate normally off-site, but as soon as they entered the facility they would cease to function, essentially leaving their operators helpless. The former NeoNET SINners were contracted by MCT to carry out this job, a corporation that doesn't take too kindly to failure. Essentially, the Vory are killing two birds with one stone by protecting Evo's interests and discrediting the Yakuza. Luna forwards the majority of this information to the team, but neglects to include her source, in order to avoid implicating the Ancients in this business anymore than necessary.

The team arrives at the meet, with Luna arriving a bit later than the others. There, the Vory Johnson lays out most of the same details that Luna discovered, but neglects to include everything. Scrabble picks up on the fact that he's intentionally withholding information and informs the rest of the team over DNI and attempts to get him to reveal the rest of it. Upon failing, Paladin attempts to intimidate the Vory into revealing this information, a social blunder that very nearly resulting in open combat which is only prevented due to the presence of Luna, as neither party wanted to start a gang war that particular night. The team then agrees to the Johnson's terms and leaves the bar in order to conduct legwork in private.


Thanks to the information that Luna gained from the Ancients, they knew the location of the weapons. A Yakuza building in the Tacoma docks, which immediately presented a problem: nearly every path to the docks was blocked by the i5, the Spikes home turf. Thankfully Luna is able to calm herself and agrees not to initiate open combat with them, satiated by striking a blow to another of the Ancients major enemies. Scrabble begins researching the building via the matrix and Deimos attempts to astrally project there, where she's immediately stopped by 2 astral figures, who ask her to leave the premises. She complies. Luna attempts to scope the place out physically, and sends a fly-spy in. She manages to sneak in successfully and perches on the rafters. There she begins to observe the places and notices that there are roughly 30 different workers on the main floor, all Yakuza, none of them are armed or wearing armor, but their gear rests nearby. She also notices an office which contains 8 deckers, 2 riggers, and 2 other unknown figures, presumable the same 2 figures that spotted Dei on the astral plane. Scrabble continues probing the matrix, eventually invading the Yakuza host, revealing schedules, security measures, and a blueprint of the facility.

With this information the team settles on a plan. Dandy buys a rigger interface for his truck for Luna's use, and the team sets off in the direction of the facility during daylight hours. Luna sneaks into the facility with her fly-spy again, revealing the location of all 6 guards on site, as well as a decker and 1 of the unknown (probably astral capable) entities. She returns the fly-spy as Scrabble infiltrates the host again in an attempt to disable the security systems, which he eventually succeeds at doing but not before alerting the on-site decker. Thankfully during this time the team is already putting their plans into motion and Deimos casts Incubis Shroud on the party. Paladin takes advantage of the shroud and approaches the guards outside who immediately recognize her as someone very important to them and she pretends to be gravely injured. As they approach to help she activates a Narcoject DMSO gas grenade and the remaining 3 guards and unknown Yakuza run out to help as well, all 7 are rendered unconscious. Luna takes advantage of the opportunity and has her drone fly into the building and geek the enemy decker. With everyone out of combat the team rushes to do their job stopping only to find some kind of cover-up to mask their true intentions, finding a safe hidden under the carpet (unlocked by Dandy) with data files full of blackmail. The team takes the files and loads up the Yakuza guns into Dandy's truck, replacing them with the faulty Vory versions.


Luna, with consent of the entire team, hands the files over to The Ancients. The NeoNET SINless are sold faulty guns, but they're warned in time by Dandy, Scrabble, and Paladin. Since the cameras were scrubbed and none of the Yakuza on site were able to see through the shroud they were incapable of identifying the runners and one of the guards is executed for his failure.


24000 nuyen, 2 karma, +1 Vory, +3 Evo




14000 nuyen, 7 karma


14000 nuyen, 7 karma

That redneck human actually managed to earn my respect. Decent guy, better truck. The magi is very intelligent as well, the elf that pissed of the Vory could use a bit more tact though, if she wants to survive this life. I'd be happy to help her learn, if she were interested. Anyways, what's bad for the yak's is good for me, and the blackmail I secured for the Ancients is sure to help our bottom line. I don't really care what happens to the ex-NeoNET, but it would be better if they stayed in the game a bit longer. All in all, this run went better than I could have expected.


14000 nuyen, 7 karma