A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 4

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A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 4
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationBellevue, Pullayup, Council Island, Seattle
Result Explosive murder of a Bug-allied (if not a bug herself) PR representative for Ares Firewatch, and the equally explosive destruction of a Firewatch memorial
Factions Involved
Ice Cube

Evo Mercenaries
Ares Security
Amalia Townsend
Casualties and losses
None Amalia Townsend
Propaganda Monument
Evo Bounty Hunters
Bug Spirits


The team was called out to a Vory bar in Pullayup, where they were contracted by the Ex-Firewatch Team to execute Amalia Townsend, an Ares Macrotechnology PR specialist.


After leaving Firewatch, the Ex-Firewatch team who is trying to declare war on the bug infestation in Ares realised that they had neglected to kill a PR specialist who has been responsible for spinning the new, infested Ares as the last line of defense in the fight against the bugs. This could not stand, so they reached out to the Seattle shadowhaven to rectify this mistake.

The Meet

The team of Hydra, Deimos, Ice Cube, Dokkaebi and Frag Face rocked up to the meet in various styles, ranging from Jackrabbits to battle limos. After being served a variety of drinks, they head up to meet the Ex-Firewatch team. The Ex Firewatch Johnsons outlined their problem. Someone from Ares tower needed to die. The pay, however was only 6k, so there was a degree of disagreement about this, as who would be crazy enough to hit Ares Seattle HQ for not even enough to cover next month's rent? Some discussions and negotiations ensued, to which the Ex Firewatch team added a promise of any pay from their own run that day, as well as their HMG sitting next to them. Grudgingly, the team agreed.

The Legwork

The team retired to Deimos' Bellevue home, where Dokkaebi and Ice Cube nailed down some matrix searching. After a bit of investigation, they had discovered the kind of vehicles she was chauffered around in, and her schedule for the next week, which included a memorial service for the Firewatch who had died in the fight against the bugs (Or more accurately, the Firewatch who died in the takeover by the bugs), and a tour of a factory in Tacoma. The team didn't exactly like the falsehoods that the monument represented, and therefore decided that they wanted to put on a show of her execution by destroying the monument as well.

Unfortunately, the Ex-Firewatch team had an extremely bad go of their own run, with a number of casualties and hospitalisations, meaning that the team wasn't getting their increased paycheck.

The Plan

Deimos and Ice Cube would plant some explosives in the monument as Frag Face and Hydra distracted the local security with a staged fist fight. Dokkaebi would provide matrix cover spoofing the cameras.

During the memorial, we would detonate the explosives when Amalia Townsend was laying her wreath. Then Dokkaebi would throw up an ARO over the scene, and the runners would toss some insecticide grenades at any bugs Deimos could identify.

Then everyone gets the frag out of dodge on the fishing boat of a friendly smuggler.

The Run

Everything went wrong from the moment anything important happened. The team smuggled in their kit, set up their tents, scoped out the monument, and finalised their plan. Yet the moment they left their campsite to plant the bomb, a quintet of Evo Bounty Hunters chose that moment to try and kidnap Frag Face. They ambushed the party, unloading several narcoject darts into Frag Face. The team quickly responded, Ice Cube and Hydra attacking the Bounty Hunters, and Dokkaebi clambering into a park buggy and racing toward the fight. After a quick conundrum on whether or not to join the fray, Deimos also waded in with her signature Foreboding, suppressing the whole area, but making herself a target.

The Evo hunters turned all their fire on Deimos. Hydra took one bullet to the chest protecting her, and Deimos dodged two bursts, then two more rounds shattered on her armour, but then she was knocked out. Ice and Frag Face continued the beating upon the team, chewing through them with gleeful violence.

At this point, Hydra wanted her gun. She threw Deimos over her shoulder and ran for the camp, encountering Dokkaebi in his buggy. A buggy which contained Hydra's MMG, Trixie. Dumping Deimos in the back, Hydra sprang onto the vehicle and laid down a wall of lead on top of the unfortunate Bounty Hunters.

Things progressed quickly after that. The Evo team picked Hydra as their new high-threat target, and fired as much as they could at her, giving the ork some nasty wounds. Deimos got stim patched awake, and tried to tell one of the Bounty Hunters that he had pixies in his brain and needed to shoot them out. But thanks to the firepower from Hydra, Frag Face and Ice Cube, the Evo team was quickly reduced to a pile of meat with beeping echoing from the remains of their heads. Thanks to Frag Face's timely warning, all the runners were able to get clear before their cortex bombs exploded.

While the area was being cleared, Deimos and Dokkaebi high-tailed it to the monument, quickly planting the bomb, and concealing it with the unwitting help of the monument's original stonemason and architect. The bomb went off correctly, Dokkaebi plastered an ARO saying "Remember Chicago. Down with Ares!" across the skies, and the runners tossed a few paint grenades full of insecticide at the bug spirits Deimos could identify.


One appalling PR monument to the 'fight against the bugs' blown up on live streams.

One bug-supporting PR specialist atomized.

Five Evo Bounty Hunters turned to exploded pulp, and Evo paid out a 10,000¥ hush payment to all the runners.

More to come on the nightly Horizon news...


  • 11 karma (7 for Hydra)
  • 16000 Nuyen
  • +3 rep with Ex-Firewatch

(Bonus for Hydra)


Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"It was supposed to be a relatively easy job. We blow up a monstrosity, and make sure the target dies, and that the chaos ends up on the news. Frag Face's Evo bounty turned that plan on it's head. I'll have to give the hunter's credit though, they chose the perfect moment to ambush us. We were scouting the zone, minimal weapons. Bullets flying, magic zapping, Frag Face tearing the fraggers a new one... It would have been nice if our heavy didn't have to head back for her frag-off gun.

All ended well. For us at least. Evo disposed of the... evidence, paid us off to shut up, and we went ahead and blew up a fragging insulting monument."