The Last 3 Seconds of Combat at the Spruce Knob Proving Grounds

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By Ex_Firewatch_Johnson

Posted on 2080-08-28 at 06:53:26 UTC

This file seems to be a screen recording of someone using a deck in AR. They open up a command prompt.

Welcome to the Project Pyro Archives

Abuse Punishable Under Ares Macrotechnology Laws


>>> videos = db.helmet_cams.aggregate( {{ $sort : { date : 2080-06-29, firewatch: 1, facility_location: “Spruce Knob Proving Grounds” } }])

>>> print(videos)

{ "object_id" : 5d671b6bc02bf9f8f741e94f, “operater_code_name” : “Blue Carbate”, “file_location”: “[Path Truncated], “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6720da0acbb42d5292965e, “operater_code_name” : “Green Carbate”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]” , “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6720e03dc523fa101b8bd6, “operater_code_name” : “Red Carbate”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]”, “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6720e9aa68f15668befbce, “operater_code_name” : “Black Carbate”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]”, “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6720f1a5af8185eef61f13, “operater_code_name” : “Blue Tobacco”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]”, “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6720f716c2c47a7e338fc5, “operater_code_name” : “Green Tobacco”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]”, “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6720fc2e7c9214ac30e80f, “operater_code_name” : “Red Tobacco”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]”, “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

{ "object_id" : 5d6721090262132e89e461ec, “operater_code_name” : “Black Tobacco”, file_location: “[Path Truncated]”, “alive”: “False”, “tagged_for_internal_investigation”: “True”}

>>> play_last_3_seconds_of_combat(sync_videos(videos))

A video with 7 motionless views appears. But an 8th view faces 3 shadowrunners next to a glass corporate research building in the middle of a dense forest. Frag Face, Luna’s drone and Marionette. Frag face punches the wearer of the camera and a horrible cracking and squishing sound is heard. The wearer starts having trouble breathing and removes her helmet, with the camera attached. The helmet rolls to reveal the horrible visage of her human and bug merged face and the backs of the 3 runners. She wears full body armor with Ares and Firewatch insignia. In pain, she drops her Ares Alpha and speaks.

“You don’t understand. Mr. Knight was Dunkelzahn’s friend. He wouldn’t allow his friend’s sacrifice in DC to go to waste. He wouldn’t allow Ares to fall this horrible measure if it weren't absolutely necessary. Metahumanity is lost. Something far worse is coming.

She starts crying, a twisted meshing of metahumanity in bug form. It is unsettling to view.

“Don’t you understand...metahumanity is lost and Ares is the only organization in the world with the balls to do the needful and face our horrible fate!”

She painfully draws and fires a shot with her sidearm. Marionette seems to hesitate, but Luna guns down the bug.

>>> Video End.


>>>Hopefully, this preview buys my extraction, along with this data chip...