A Shadowrun Based on Weary Traveller by Stick and Poke

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A Shadowrun Based on Weary Traveller by Stick and Poke
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Factions Involved
Casualties and losses
None 5 Horizon CorpSec officers incapacitated


A member of the Ex-Firewatch survivors and Ares Resistance contacts the ShadowHaven job channels. She has an old friend working for Horizon that she wishes to see extracted.


After the Excalibur Project, several Ex-Firewatch officers did work with Horizon. The Johnson, giving the name Cathy White, had a romantic relationship with a Horizon executive named Angie Hodge. Now White wants to get Hodge out of the megacorp's clutches.

The Meet

The meet for the job was in a virtual host online, patterned after the Ares Host but labelled as the Ares Resistance. The Shadowrunners were all informed by the Johnson of the nature of the job and given an offer of 10,000 nuyen as payment. Attempts to bargain for a higher payout did not succeed, simply because the Johnson didn't have the cash to go any higher. Once agreement was reached, The Johnson gave them Hodge's details (including commlink number), informed them that a Rigger and a second team of Shadowrunners she was employing would take custody of Hodge after she had been extracted, and revealed that she herself would be unavailable after the meet and could even potentially be killed on her next job while the team was busy conducting the extraction.

The Plan

Matrix searches were conducted to research the target and her work environment. It was found that she had a work rival, Dale Melton, who was looking to displace her and take Hodge's job. After some discussion, the team decided to call Hodge and pretend to be old clients looking to revive their business relationship in order to establish a meeting. They would then fill her in, apologise for the deception, and extract her.

The Run

Angie Hodge's commlink was traced and carefully examined in the Matrix before calling her. It was found that her comm was being bugged by a third party, assumed to be her workplace rival Melton. The team called Ms Hodge, pretending to be old business associates as planned, and informed her that for legal reasons they could not discuss the job they wished to employ her for until her device had been rebooted for security reasons. This triggered Hodge's discovery that someone was attempting to hack her commlink, at which point she notified her superiors. Given that her comms were compromised, Dolos was able to convince Hodge to meet face-to-face at a neutral location.

The shadowrunners met Angie Hodge at building with private office rooms for temporary renting. She was being escorted by five Horizon corporate security officers. Dolos privately spoke to Hodge, convincing her to come willingly with them, which went as expected. The team proceeded to ambush her bodyguards, with Cipher hacking their equipment and rendering them almost completely unable to fight back. Rabbit and Decoy promptly neutralised the struggling CorpSec officers non-lethally with no difficulty at all. Local cameras were disabled with jamming technology and the security officers were taken out before they saw Hodge leave.

The team and Hodge left via Decoy's vehicle. Total mission time from commencement to completion was roughly one hour.


Angie Hodge was smoothly extracted in an incredibly short timeframe. Because cameras were disabled and the guards did not see anything, Horizon was given no indications that Angie Hodge went with the shadowrunners willingly.


10,000 nuyen. 10 Karma or 3 Karma and 1 Connection 4, Loyalty 3 Ex-Firewatch contact.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cipher: After I got the alert for the job and offered my services, I was directed to a matrix Host for the meet. The Host seemed to be an Ares Resistance group of some kind for a unit of former Firewatch types. Had a very old-school Americana flavour on the inside. The job itself was pretty simple; one of the officers wanted to extract an old friend (potentially more than just a friend, not that it seemed relevant) from Horizon. Said friend was named Hodge, and was actually under some pretty serious surveillance from some piece of drek who wanted her job. Hodge's commlink was marked and bugged, but I picked up on it and we convinced her over a comm call to reboot. Once she found out she'd been bugged, she was freaked out and a lot easier to talk into a face-to-face meeting. Said meeting occurred at an office building that could be hired out for private functions or meetings; don't know what else to call it. It was a neutral location where HTR wouldn't be close-by, which was the most important thing. Dolod spoke to her alone inside a meeting room and told her why we were there, and apparently she was fine with that. The only problem was that she was accompanied by a handful of bodyguards that we needed to take care of before we could disappear with her. So we jumped them, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that they were completely helpless once we went for them. I hit their weapons with so much noise that they'd probably struggle to hit the ground underneath their own feet. The Street Sam and the Adept mopped up what little resistance was left, and then we exited the building with the target to hand her off to Team #2. Honestly, it was pretty damn smooth if I do say so myself; if I were still working for a steady salary, I'd say I deserve a raise.