A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 3

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A Shadowrun Based on The Paper Chase's You Will Never Take Us Alive 3
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationCharlotte, CAS
Result The successful theft of nine anti-bug multi-stage warheads
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight
Ares Securit]
Casualties and losses
None Ares Security (3)
Firewatch Helicopter Pilots (2)
Bug Spirits


The team was called out to a Vory bar in Pullayup, where they were contracted by the Ex-Firewatch Team to acquire a number of anti-bug warheads from Ares Macrotechnology before the new, infested Ares destroys them.


The Ex-Firewatch team who is trying to declare war on the bug infestation in Ares came across some information concerning a number of Ares prototype missiles being decommissioned and destroyed in a facility in Charlotte, CAS. These missiles were designed to destroy Bug Spirits, large ones in particular. They determined that this was a move by the infested form of Ares, and hired shadowrunners to acquire these warheads before their scheduled destruction, so that the warheads can be retained for the upcoming war.

The Meet

The team of Tanuki, Deimos, Dokkaebi and Cyber Knight traveled to Pullayup for the meet in a Vory bar. After being served a variety of drinks, with certified no corpses in the vodka... probably; they head up to meet the Ex-Firewatch team. The Ex Firewatch Johnsons outlined their problem. There is a number of Ares prototype anti-bug warheads that have been scheduled for destruction in a Firewatch facility in Charlotte, CAS. They wanted these missiles for their upcoming war, since the fact that the bugs were destroying them suggested that they worked. They offered 6k per runner, which the team relatively quickly accepted, piling into a VTOL with Tanuki's (Tanuki-themed) SUV, and flew across the continent.

The Legwork

When the team had arrived in Charlotte, they ran a quick driveby of the facility to judge the threat level, Deimos quickly discovering the Bug Spirits in human form guarding the gate. This prompted a quick retreat, while Dokkaebi went exploring in the facility's host. The technomancer made short work of getting inside the host, gathering the data the team needed on the warheads, their storage and their destruction schedule. He repeatedly fooled the patrol IC, and made it out of the host safely with this information.

The team rested for a couple days to the night before the scheduled demolition, so that Dokkaebi could recover the energy he spent on the first host dive.

The Plan

Dokkaebi would dive into the host from an external location, faking credentials, disarming biomonitors and looping cameras at the loading bay.

Tanuki would drive Cyber Knight and Deimos into the facility with the faked credentials, taking them up to the loading bay. Incapacitate the security guard and head to Sublevel 5

Cyber Knight and Deimos would delve into the facility, grab the trolley of rockets, and load them into Tanuki's SUV

Cyber Knight, Deimos and Tanuki would get the hell out of dodge and escape the facility, hopefully before any alarms are raised. The team will then board the VTOL at a nearby carpark and return to Seattle.

The Run

Dokkaebi began his host dive, quickly fooling the scanners to allow the team entry, but he was detected as he attempted to access the camera systems, causing ICE and a spider to be vomited forth by the host. The technomancer held his own, however, avoiding the ICE, and redirecting the spider's attacks back on himself. However, the file stumped Dokkaebi long enough for a minor ARES DemiGOD and eventually a greater ARES DemiGOD to converge on him, eventually managing to link-lock the poor matrix wizard and attempt a trace. Before his time ran out, Dokkaebi managed to shut down a significant number of the cameras for the area we were in, and escape the host. He wasn't traced, but he still ran for the hills the moment he was back in the meet. Once aboard our escape plane, he might have allowed himself a breath or two.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team was having a leisurely cruise up the road towards their target, none the wiser. Shortly before they arrived at the building they were flicked a quick warning of the state of affairs, so they knew the guard's biomonitor would still be active. So Deimos leaned out the window and handed their paperwork to the guard, having a friendly chat to the bay workers about the benefits of unionized delivery work.

Deimos and Cyber Knight calmly took the elevator to sublevel 5, walking down to the labs. Cyber Knight had a bit of a crisis as he passed the door to the firewatch barracks, but he managed to stay on point, adding a mental note to come back for bug murder later. The duo continued down the hallway, to the lab door, which Cyber Knight... disagreed with. After a quick debate of wills, the door lost, and was left in a smouldering ruin, causing every alarm in the building to go off.

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Tanuki's Guardian Angel

Deimos grabbed the trolley of missiles, checked they were all present and assembled, before heading back down to the elevator. The security guard from earlier tried to stop them, but with a quick assensing and a curt "He's a bug" from Deimos, Cyber Knight spread his ichor all over the walls. Neither runner stopped walking.

Upstairs, a pair of guards greeted Tanuki, and due to his valid SIN and paperwork, requisitioned his vehicle for use as a bunker. The rigger wasn't exactly fond of the idea of maybe-bugs crammed in the escape vehicle, so with a warning to the underground team, he backed up and tried to run them over. One guard went over the roof, but the flesh-form bug didn't care much for physics, tanking the car head-on with style. Seeing this unfold on his feed, Cyber Knight accelerated to ~1% the speed of light, ran up five floors of stairs and tore the bug in half. As an afterthought, he dissected the other guard, too.

Shortly afterwards, Deimos arrived in the elevator, identified one of the surrendering loading workers as a bug and shot a bolt of lightning at them, with the casual declaration "He's a bug." Cyber Knight disassembled this flesh-form too. While the team was intimidating the workers into not causing more of a fuss, Deimos carefully loaded the nine missiles into the back of the SUV, strapping them in, before climbing in herself. Cyber Knight climbed onto the roof, and this obvious as all hell escape vehicle cruised out down the street, covered in runners and bug ichor.

Unfortunately, there was a roadblock at the exit, so Tanuki pulled a u-turn to throw their KE pursuers off the road into a tree, then looped around again, jumping the bollards after using a convenient sportscar as a ramp. A quick fireball to hopefully stop the roadblock from opening later, and the team is gunning it down the road. There's a heated debate about how they could possibly hide the blatantly obvious SUV from the bugs, which a pair of chase choppers used to catch up. However, give Cyber Knight a ballista of a bow and a rocket launcher, and he'll make short work of mere helicopters.

Shortly after the helicopters went down, a VTOL caught up with the speeding SUV, and Lone Star HTR pulled them over. However, the local high-ups wanted to talk to the team, so rather than being gunned down, they were arrested and taken to the headquarters. Lone Star had a short talk with the runners, and it boiled down to the fact that they wanted confirmation on what bug-related information that had been gathered. Deimos happily shared about the number of bugs she'd seen, and the team shared some information concerning their understanding of the degree of infestation of Ares. The Lone Star officer seemed quite happy with this, and, after giving Tanuki's SUV a quick paintjob, let the runners get the hell out of Charlotte, while faking the team's death to cover their own asses.


Nine multi-stage anti-bug missiles changed ownership from bug-firewatch to ex-firewatch. Lone Star learned a bit about the state of the bugs in Ares. Tanuki's car got a paintjob.


  • 16 karma
  • 6000 Nuyen
  • +3 rep with Ex-Firewatch
  • +1 rep with Lone Star

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight: Yeah I saved Tanuki's ass big time during this one. Had I not arrived in time, he'd be bug food for sure. Pretty close call that one.