...But Our Ties Have Been Erased

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...But Our Ties Have Been Erased
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
LocationDowntown & Redmond, Seattle
Result T-Bone burned his Ares Macrotechnology Limited Corp SIN and managed to fake the death of Capt. Teresa Bowers
Factions Involved
Ares Macrotechnology
Knight Errant
T-Bone, Haven Runner Team
Commanders and leaders
Shawn Carson, Capt. Teresa Bowers
Casualties and losses
None (Thankfully) T-Bones's SIN


T-Bone has been wanting to turn his life around for a while and a big part of that in his mind is getting rid of his old SIN. He wants to spend more of his time and money either improving his running abilities or helping out in the Redmond Barrens and his SIN was doing him no favors. Then someone named Neon Flash started advertising himself as someone who could get rid of SINs for him.


Bloodstains informed him about a decker who was advertising themselves as available to remove SINs which is a risky business, but Bloodstains figured T-Bone could take of himself. As T-Bone pulled up to the meet, he didn't notice the numerous Knight Errant that were in the area. He goes up and meets one of the most obnoxious parodies of a decker who is full of memes and neon lights who tells T-Bone that he can do it with a nice installment plan because he can't pay for it right now. Just as T-Bone shakes his hand, out pops Knight Errant. It was a sting operation.


T-Bone doesn't get surprised and instead gets a flash pack lighting up on his backside and jumps out the third story window in order to escape from the numerous KE officers who are piling in. Thankfully T-Bone is still fast even without drugs as he needed to get out fast and into his car. He sees two officers near his car, but doesn't want to hurt anyone as hurting a cop only makes things far worse than it would be. He dodges shots from the numerous officers who are having trouble shooting him through the flash pack and running down after him. He manages to get into the vehicle and start driving away. One of the KE units manages to get into their car and take off in pursuit as the rest fire tracker rounds into the car. T-Bone drives into the Redmond Barrens further in order to shake the KE vehicle while speeding away. He stops off at an alley and erases the tags before heading over to Eli Johnson, a local soup kitchen who serves as a community pillar in the Barrens.

Eli feels sorry for T-Bone about what has happened to him, but he isn't a safe house and the most he can do is offer him comfort. He does know someone in Ares that might be able to help him though, Shawn Carson. T-Bone talks to the slimey Ares executive who while unpleasant, sticks to his word. He offers to burn his SIN if he very publicly executes an ex-Firewatch member gone rogue to another corp who is doing a talking tour, then he is to get arrested and it will all be good. T-Bone agrees through gritted teeth, not wanting to harm this innocent, but not sure what to do. Eli comforts him by telling him "the lord will make a way of you just pray". He races off to the crime mall to fit the part, with a new Ballistic mask that says "Fuck Ares".

On his way to the crime mall, he is jumped by a team of runners who he quickly surrenders to. He is thrown into a van where he finds out they are Haven runners that contacted Bloodstains after hearing about T-Bone getting captured in the sting. They are here to help him fake the death of this ex-Firewatch who is only ex in so much as she needs to get geeked because she knows too much. The Runners just tell T-Bone to go through with it and cap her in the head to finish her off so that they can escort her out. T-Bone agrees, happy to not actually have to kill someone, though unsure how this will work.

He gets his mask from the mall and heads to the small restaurant where the Captain is giving her talk. They have a brief firefight, but the Captain is in on the plane, but her gun explodes in her hands (critical glitch) and T-Bone fills her full of bullets through the gut. He runs up and pops her in the head before yelling loudly about how horrible Ares is as KE arrests him. The Runners take her body and get her out of their while T-Bone "dies" before he can make it to prison, burning his SIN instead of turning it into a criminal SIN like it had been becoming if he didn't die. He was escorted out the prison and took a deep breath of air. Free.


T-Bone smiled, muttered "Fuck Ares" and went home.


9 Karma 2 PA +3 Ares +3 Ex-Firewatch

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