The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun

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The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
Result The Team successfully protected and extracted Staff sgt. Natalia Kelly
Factions Involved
Yokai (Dusk)
Cobra (Carrier Oriskany)
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Ares Fan Girl
Thrust Bearing
Commanders and leaders
Salvador Mullins
Natalia Kelly
Casualties and losses


As bug spirits continue to take over Ares Macrotechnology. Members of Ares Firewatch continue to be either taken over by bugs or hunted down. As a result of this, some surviving members have gone rogue to fight this hopeless war. The Johnson, Sgt. First Class Salvador Mullins hires the runners to rescue Staff Sgt. Natalia Kelly, who was sent into Puyallup by Ares to be eliminated by enemy runners.


The meet happened at a BTL den and hideout of the Salvador, the place used to stockpile weaponry for the war against bugs. There the team was informed that a rival Haven runner team was hunting down Kelly and thus Kelly must be rescued and extracted to a safe ex Firewatch base, before the rival runners get to her. Time was of the essence.


After negotiations, the runner team took two armed dune buggies and headed out to the Puyallup ash desert. Yokai was able to track down her location before the rival runners astrally. When the team arrived Kelly was instructing a team of hopeless Hard Corps. When the enemy runners arrived, the team hit themselves for an ambush, but Yokai blew up the enemy recon drone and was able to somewhat intimidate them to back off. The enemy runners decided to wait it out, hoping to attack when the players were tired, resting or trying re-supply. They also used this time to use KE to issue an arrest warrant against Yokai. This, however, did not work out for them as planned. As soon as the rival runners backed off, the players took Mullins and Kelly to the LZ and extracted them. Then Yokai used his connection with Seattle's Attorney General Dana Oaks to call off the warrant and then proceeded to head over to the Daze with the team and celebrate while shitposting on the ShadowHaven app. This shocked the enemy runners, who were baffled how the PCs were able to complete the run. Frustrated with their defeat, they too headed to the Daze where the PCs ambushed them during a conversation. Rubbing salt on wounds, the PCs incapacitated the enemy runners in a quick fight, knocking out or paralyzing their adept, mage and face, while mind controlling the street sam into a bumbling state. The PCs then took their commlink and used mind magic to gain intel on the Johnson that hired them. Yokai decided to hold onto the information, hoping to capitalize on it later.


The NPC runner team was thoroughly defeated, humbled and drekked upon publicly. Possibly ruining their reputation. The two ex-Firewatch member were safe, for now.


17000 nuyen, 3 karma

Player AARs



AAR: Ohayogosaimasu ShadowHaven! This wasn't my first encounter with the insectoid spirits, but I now know for certain that Ares is truly screwed. Their best of the best scattered to the four winds and the corp slowly eaten from the inside by these abominations. Can't quite say who are more evil: shedim or bug spirits but the threat they pose to the 6th world is deadly. As the disciple of the slayer of all evil demons I must make it my duty to slay them wherever I encounter these things in the future. Watashi wa chikaimasu!


Gains and Ares Lancer (-4 RVP rewards) WFTP 4



Gains and Ares Desert Strike (-4.375 RVP rewards)