A Shadowrun Based on Crywank's A Soreness So Familiar It Soon Becomes Unquestioned

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A Shadowrun Based on Crywank's A Soreness So Familiar It Soon Becomes Unquestioned
Part of Dance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story
Factions Involved
John Brown
Messenger 7


The team was hired to extract Marion Warner, a doctor working for Ares who was working on a BTL program designed to control the emotions of Ares employees who took issue with the company's "new direction". They met the Johnson at a bar in the Barrens, and stocked up on some supplies before flying to Detroit. They installed their burner sins in the employee directory, got the target's comm code


Ares had been installing headware in employees to "maintain morale" in the face of their employers plotting world infestation, aided by Dr. Marion Warner, a brilliant medical researcher.

The Meet

The runners met up with the Johnson, a female human ex-Firewatch operator, at a Vory bar in the Redmond Barrens. They were briefed on the target's location, a large hospital in Detroit, and his familial status (he had no relatives in the facility but had a daughter working for KE in New York). The Johnson provided transportation and gave them a couple days to prepare before shipping out.

The Plan

Archivist broke into the hospital's host's HR data node, acquired Dr. Warner's comm code, and installed the runners' burner SINs as Ares employees. Burn0ut and Messenger 7 were security, John Brown was a doctor, and Archivist was IT. This was supported with a Fashion spell to turn Messenger 7's riot gear into something that looked like regular corpsec armor. After inserting those records, Archivist rebooted and broke into the Security node, where he changed the schedule to send all the best security on vacation the day of the run. Then, he attempted to copy the hospital's blueprints, but failed to disarm a data bomb and nearly got his deck bricked, as well as alerting the demi-GODs of the system. John Brown purchased a Rating 6 area jammer to keep the doctor from being tracked and the group made their way to the facility.

The Run

Once they arrived in Detroit, they scoped out the extraction location and entered the hospital, in their disguises. Archivist went to IT and attempted to install a data tap in the coffee maker, but accidentally destroyed the thing instead, attracting a lot of attention. He was spotted on camera with the data tap, but managed to convince the IT people that he was on a legitimate job from Ares to treat their security, getting him access to the blueprints. The rest of the team passed as Ares employees successfully and reached the doctor without incident. When they reached his office, John Brown used some mind magic on both of the two guards guarding Dr. Warner and the doctor himself. They exited via the front door after Archivist called the Aware guard standing there away with a fraudulent maintenance call.

Outside, the team of shadowrunners that the doctor had hired to geek himself tried to drive down the crew, but a single round from Messenger 7's Thunderstruck Gauss rifle killed their rigger and crippled their Roadmaster, so the getaway was clean.


Ares morale is heavily damaged, and the Ex-Firewatch faction gains Dr. Warner and his research


12,000 karma 9 karma +1 ex-Firewatch Rep

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AAR

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

John Brown:

Goddamn if that wasn't smooth. I thought we'd end up ass deep in big spirits before this was over, but this went great. But if a close call there with Archivist getting got, but it just goes to show, you'll be gone so long as you needed let them see you sweat.

Messenger 7:

"Noooo we're riding in an Ares-made armored carerino you can't disable it in one shot nooooo" Haha Gauss Rifle go BOOM. I know it doesn't really go boom but it's still very satisfying. Makes up for my not getting to use my sword the whole mission.