The Dreadnoughts-Cider Road

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The Dreadnoughts-Cider Road
LocationMemphis, Tennesee CAS
Factions Involved
666 gang
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Black Rose


Our intrepid runners are hired to help out a paranoid moonshiner get his cursed apples back from Lonestar.


The crew boards the Johnson's Cessna C750. They take a weeklong flight hoping from small airport to small airport laying low because Lonestar is pursuing the Johnson. The plane finally lands at their destination in Memphis, Tennessee in the CAS and head over to an abandoned warehouse two hours away. There Tuepleo negotiates the compensation for the team. Tupelo goes to small Lonestar precinct to get access to the impounded plane. It is late in the evening, and the rest of the group goes to rest for the next day. The Lonestar officers instantly recognize Tupelo as The Pose. The officers give Tupelo the highest respect, even so far as to give him real coffee from the lieutenant's office. Unfortunately, the rookie did not do a good job. Tupelo obtains VTOL transport for himself and the other shadowrunners.

Meanwhile back at the makeshift distillery, the shadowrunners sleep is disturbed by an obnoxious gang calling themselves the 666 Gang. Black Rose sneaks out the back; BB hides in the shadows as daylight is out. Crosley takes a drink of the Tehranian Apple cider and summons an air spirit. Nora Inu hides the Johnson, Blackwell in the bathroom. The team prepares an ambush, Nora Inu opens the door as Crosley cast an illusion of Blackwell taunting the 666 Gang. 18 of the 20 gangsters run after the mirage into the makeshift distillery. The spell fades, Nora closes the door, and the team goes to work on the gang members inside. BB fire a stick-n-shock round at the 666 lieutenant, Nora throws a stun grenade, Crosley cast a psychic Blast, Black Rose slices the neck of one of the gangers that remained outside. Black Rose orders the 666 lieutenant to take his gang and leave before things get violent. Crosley drags the bleeding man back inside for Bahoban Sith. She feeds some, but not enough to kill and slaps a trauma patch on the fellow and kicks him out the back.

After the fighting, a Lonestar VTOL makes its way toward the building. The crew gets ready for another fight when over DNI Tuepleo replies not to fire. The runners stand down. Because of BB's unique condition, she finds a wooden box in which she can hide from the sun. Black Rose lifts the box carrying BB into the VTOL, and everyone else enters. The ship takes off for the airplane impound.

At the impound, Tupelo asks if he can inspect the apples and finds out that he needs to ask Captain Maynard for permission. The team except BB make their way to the Shadowrider barracks where Captain Maynard and her team are working out. The Pose breaks the bad news to her that he and his crew are here to move the apple plane to New York. Captain Maynard begrudgingly accepts as she wants her superiors to more respect on her name. The team boards the apple plane break BB out of her makeshift coffin. She turns on the windows UV protective film and flies the aircraft toward the distillery.

As the team is making its descent to the airstrip Crosley and the others, notice that there a cemetery in front of the runway. If the plane lands that would surely awaken wraiths so the team land on the road. Black Rose and BB work in tandem to bring the Catalina II to the warehouse. BB pilots the plane and Black Rose uses her incredible strength to pull the plane. Nora also helps by providing guidance and encouragement. Nora keeps the rifle visible to deter any criminals.

The apples are back with Darren Blackwell, the runners receive their Nuyen and cider and make their ways home to Seattle.


The Baobahn Sith and her co-pilot Nora Inu successfully lands the PBY-70 Catalina II in front of the moonshine distillery. With no casualties the run is successful and the crew takes a nice flight back to Seattle.


+1 Lonestar rep

+2 Karma

¥24,000 Nuyen



Nora Inu


I need MOAR CIDER!!!!

Black Rose

Baobhan Sith

Probably the easiest run I'm going to have for a while, considering all I did was stay locked in a crate (occasionally upside down) while hiding from the sunlight and learning how to fly a plane. One of these days I'm actually going to have to get one, because that was quite enjoyable. Hats off to Tupelo for convincing Lone Star to let us just walk in and take it!