Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb

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Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Went Numb
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
LocationTacoma Beach & Everett
Result Drowned newbie runners, big headache for KE, loss of head for the mole.
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Casualties and losses
Eight ex-NeoNET Runners, several KE vehicles.


"Greetings," a figure standing in shadows says to you as you walk around the tunnels of the Shadowhaven host,"I wanted to give a break to a group of ex-NeoNet employees. However, it seems to have all got themselves captured. I don't expect them to resist interrogation that long and I would hate for the job to lead back to me. Could you intervene?"


The meet was a rushed affair over the matrix, with the team getting ready in a hurry while negotiating with the Johnson. Apparently an Aztlaner, he had gotten a team of rookies he sent on a job captured and wanted the loose ends tied up.


The team acted quickly enough to have a conspicuously bulging set of eyes (Nora Inu) on the scene while the arrest was still going on. They scouted out the mole, as one of the arrested runners had the cuffs taken off him and was separated from the rest. With Marionette's knowledge of police procedures a plan for an ambush was hatched: KE was putting all their eggs in one basket, and that basket was going to be gently nudged off the kitchen table. Never's illusion magic confused KE, sending the whole convoy careening off a cliff into the sea. Tied up in the back of the prisoner transport, the ex-NeoNET would-be runners had no chance. A matrix search and a spirit search later, the mole was found in a location at the north end of town, guarded by two KE officers. Neither of the three put up too much of a fight. The two senior officers, only one way day away from their retirement, will still live to see that day, albeit slightly bruised. The mole, meanwhile, christened Marionette's new katana.


KE had a nice day at the beach, and a fairly bruised ego. No law-enforcement officers died, but everyone in their custody did. Aside from losing politically volatile evidence about the UCAS embassy raid, KE most likely lost equipment worth 5 digits or more in the pacific ocean.


3 Karma, 20,000 Nuyen


8 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen


4 Karma, 16,000 Nuyen

Nora Inu

8 Karma, Ruthenium Polymer Coating Rating 4.


Nora Inu

Huh, on one hand, I feel for the poor schlubs that bit it today. Ex-NeoNET. The Man chewed em up and spat em out. And we were just here to take out the trash, I guess. Bad way to go, really. Except the traitor, fuck that asshole sideways. As far as I'm concerned, he's got all those lives on his conscience. Here's some advice for any would-be runners: Don't deal with Aztech unless you got them on the back foot. They'll drop you faster than a hot potato. And here's another: Forget about hiding if you ever get on Never's bad side. That lady will find you anywhere. Scary stuff. Pretty dang useful to have on your side, though. Marionette, man, if you're reading this you're a piece of work. In the best possible way. Hope you find some peace some time. Have you tried a nice cup o'hurlg?


That was rough. Could've been any of us getting captured and crossed off, if things worked out badly for us. But you know, that's how it is in the shadows, right? At least it didn't go as badly for them as it could have, drowning's meant to be a not so painful way to die. And we managed to not piss off KE too much, I hope? We hurt their pride and roughed up their cars, but none of them actually died.

Also, if any of you reading this are thinking about selling out your team? People take that pretty seriously. I think they're still trying to get the blood off the walls after Marionette cut that mole in half. Doesn't matter how much they offer you, corpses can't spend money.