Frank Turner - Four Simple Words

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Frank Turner - Four Simple Words
Part of Unwanted Evolution - A Punk Rock Tour
LocationTouristville, Redmond Barrens
Factions Involved
Seattle Punk Scene
Commanders and leaders
Rambozo The Clown
Nora Inu
Afro Katana John
Daniel Ford
Units involved
Some easily amused gangers The roaring cacophony of a million million pachinko balls


"Heigh ho heigh ho heigh ho! We're heading out to the punk rock show! Colleagues and friends condescend with a smile Yeah, but this is my culture, man, this is my home"


Alessa P, pixie and proud and fierce owner of the Daze, is pissed. and you won't like her when she's pissed. She demonstrates this by beating up an impatient customer who gives her lip, as she's about to head into her office for the meet rather than serve him a drink. Rambozo is smitten, and proposes on the spot. Twice. For now, Alessa agrees to a dinner date. Proceeding to the actual meet, the runners learn that she is angry with a Horizon blogger named Daniel Ford, a popped-collar-wearing, punk-scene-hating, Touristville-blasting buttface of a Horizon blooger in the pocket of Ares, trying to work towards the gentrification and corporatification of all of Seattle. The straw that broke the camel's back was his hit piece on 4 Beats, a group busting their ass raising attention and looking for their missing band member. Alessa wants him to never write a piece on her joint or the bands playing there again. And there's a bonus to be had if he never writes another blog post. But killing him is out of the question, as she's not in it for that much heat on her.


Phoning up Horizon insider and competing blogger Providence, and relying on their own knowledge of bars, hangouts, and Touristville, the runners piece together that the mark has a lot more involvement with the part of the city he derides as "way too tacky" than he'd like to admit. Two places in particular stick out: A jazz bar he likes to frequent, and which will play a play a prominent role in the aftermath of the run, and a Vory BTL production facilty, where he uses his college education and professional knowledge of the entertainment and media industry to improve the production quality. Using a three-pronged attack, the team split up: Afro Katana John hops onto the roof via the house next door, a yakuza-run pachinko gambling parlour. In return for this favour, Bebob Sith gladly takes care of a thieving employee, relieving him of his bothersome excess essence in an undisclosed location. Rambozo stages a stunning diversion, acting as a busker by expertly juggling grenades and a flaming molotov cocktail. Baobhan Sith and Nora Inu sneak up the fire escape. Inside the building they quickly strike the jackpot, finding a filing cabinet with blackmail material, some of which concerns their mark, Daniel Ford. The recordings show him directing a lurid, erotica-laden soap opera, to be made into BTLs.


Passing the incriminating material onto Providence to break the story for her own benefit as well as to achieve their mission, it only takes two days for the shitstorm to spiral out of control, and Horizon regretfully announcing that they will end their cooperation with the mark. Adding injury to ruination, Rambozo hires someone to install a powerful car airbag under Daniel Ford's regular seat in the previously mentioned jazz club, with predictable and hilarious results.


17000 nuyen, 4 karma, +1 Shotozumi-gumi (everyone except Nora Inu, +1 Seattle Punk Scene


Baobhan Sith: This run ended up being rather convenient for me, as it means any time the Shotozumi-gumi have need of someone to disappear, I'm just a message away. That Ford guy was a real Slotter, and Horizon is probably better off without him.