There is this party where I will be raising hell

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There is this party where I will be raising hell
Part of KRIME WEEK!!
LocationKRIME Party in Puyallup, Night Hunters hideout in Tacoma
Result Great party, Novacoke and Tinnitus for all. Night Hunters attack thwarted.
Factions Involved
Ork Underground
Night Hunters
Ares Macrotechnology
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Casualties and losses
1 brave jouster bit off more shock lance than they could chew. 4 dead, 2 converts.



Krime is having a party! It's a big PR event, and security in uniforms would be a real buzzkill. The runners get hired to babysit a bunch of exuberant customers who are mixing serious drugs with serious Kannons.


The meet was a tasty dinner and a relatively uneventful discussion with Old man Krime (who was very busy, and thus somewhat late) in the Big Rhino. A raven showed up in the rafters, cawing loudly.


The group went to Pullyup early, before noon. Just barely noticing a bike gang ambush, they diverted slightly to preserve ammo and keep the paint jobs on their two Shin-Hyung intact. They straighten out the local crowd control measures, implement some shooting range safety and arrange for the Anarchist Black Cross to provide first aid to partygoers. Through their contact Providence and slopply social media discipline on the part of the thrill gang they learn of an impending Night Hunters ambush. Using spirit and astral reconnaissance, they locate the hostile hideout and decide to strike early, mustering fire support from a few volunteers from the party. Never suggests creating a music video with footage from the fight, and the volunteers are all for it, writing an epic Or'zet rap in the back of the car. As the runners stake out the hideout, they witness some Ares officials storm in and berate the gang for their poor performance. This is recorded on video. Not wanting to start a fight above their paygrade, the runners wait for Ares to depart and take out the hapless gangers with Narcoject.


The party is a success, with great sporting events like motorbike jousts, jumping trucks, and the party boat cruising up the canal. There's plenty of Novacoke and Tinnitus for everyone, and a cement truck full of Hurlg. One person dies in the joust, possibly making the local glass spirit somewhat unhappy. Paladin believes in redemption for the gangers; Nora Inu arranges for a trial by fire: Messner Vukotic will take them in to work community service in the Ork Underground. Two gangers are accepted, four are never heard from again. Never drinks her fill of their WD40 infused blood. Providence knows when the sun sets on the Horizon and gains a contact to a technotribe and a few serial numbers of the gangers' cyberware for her services.


Player Characters


9 Karma and 5000 Nuyen. + 3 Rep with Krime.


4 Karma and 13500 Nuyen. + 3 Rep with Krime.

Nora Inu

9 Karma and 5000 Nuyen. + 3 Rep with Krime.



So that was my first shadowrun! I think it went okay. We didn't get hurt, which is good! And I met some really nice people. Raven - my mentor spirit - was a jerk and tried to ruin everything but that is NOT NEW and Mr Johnson's friends really liked the idea of making a music video of blowing up the Night Hunters, so at least he was a bit helpful this time? Anyway Paladin was really amazing with the way she just - fwoom! All the Night Hunters down like that! I wish we could've left more of them alive but you gotta do what you gotta do, and all that.

I don't get why Ares people were there though. They shouldn't be working with Night Hunters like that.

Nora Inu

We met Old Man Krime and saved his party. I've got some mixed feelings about these Krime fanboys and -girls. They know how to knock one back, for sure, but way too few of them can really use the steel they're packing. Those Night Hunters? They were the crippled mongrels of Ares, just about good enough to wipe my boots on. Should be 100% hate for them, but they're so pathetic I just can't wipe away that last smudge of pity. Wouldn't want to be caught off guard by a group of them, though. But we got them good: It's as true as ever: Strike first and strike decisively, or get struck. Paladin really pulled a fast one on them with that grenade; And man is Ruthenium some hot piece of kit, I want some! Being concealed by a spirit was a big rush, too. I felt like a grenade with the pin pulled, ready to unleash hell. Never is an odd one, but that was fucking rad. Couldn't have done it without her intel either. I would have put these scum out of their misery without a second thought. but Paladin must have felt real sorry for them, so they got a nice poetic fate. I'll be checking in on them regularly. Will make a great POI, I'll just groom them a bit to play nice with the tourists while they're ladling out soup.