From All The Stuff I Heard It'll Be An Easy Sell

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From All The Stuff I Heard It'll Be An Easy Sell
LocationDowntown, Seattle
Factions Involved
Ares Macrotechnology
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Casualties and losses
None A pair of pyjama pants


"Dude! Emerald City Security needs new guns. Want to help make sure we get the contract?"


What Krime wants and who's getting in the way: There's an effort underway by Ares to win over Emerald City Security and score a big contract for outfitting them. Of course Old Man Krime would like to see this slice of cake go to his organisation instead.


As usual, Old Man Krime likes meeting runners in the Big Rhino. The food is filling, as always, and the pay is good. The job is pretty flexible: Stop an arms deal from happening. INSERT NAME is a young, nova hot, up and coming Ares sales rep, and he's going to have to try real hard to make a poor impression with the potential buyers.


A bit of legwork via Providence reveals where he lives. And that some yuppie in the apartment on the opposite side of the street is looking for a dog sitter for his fashionable tiny breed. Getting into the observation post is a trivial social infiltration all the real meat is quickly extracted from the fridge, and even the legged mop is quickly tamed.
Equipped with laser microphones and other surveillance gear, the runners set to learn more about their target, and learn they do: A late night call has some very suspicious information about moving guards around, and putting two and two together, the runners suss out that the sales rep has managed to leak quite a lot of goods onto the black market, which may or may not be in the interest of Ares Macrotechnology.
Trusting in shock and awe, the runners infiltrate the high-rise housing the targets apartment, and while the security system is a bit of a nail biter, they eventually make it, finding him sleeping peacefully in his bed.
A rude awakening, hands zip tied behind his back facing three masked runners and a bucket of ice water, jammer noise drowning out any secret calls for help on the matrix, the sales rep soils himself slightly.
Seeing that he is not going to lose any teeth or digits if he plays nice, he quickly regains his composure. By the end of the meeting, he's even handed out some samples, despite Paladin carving a lovingly rendered image of a penis into his gaudy gold coated coffee table.
Before the meet with the Emerald City acquisition VP, Mitchell Walls, he gets roaringly drunk.


Old Man Krime is happy, the sales rep is happy enough to be alive. So happy, in fact, that he hands out calling cards, should the runners want to work for Ares some time. The runners, for now, are just happy with their pay.


2 Karma, 26000¥, +3 Krime Rep.