Just The Right Colour

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Just The Right Colour
Part of Hail to the Pumpking
LocationSophocles, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Milk Run
Factions Involved
Pump King Jack
Ty Vallynn
La Rapide
Nora Inu


The team goes out to drive around Redmond and get some supplies for a festival.


Jack's been preparing for a good Halloween festival in Sophocles!

The Meet

Jack is in Sophocles, though now in a warehouse filled with animated skeletons. They're busy wrapping packages, carving pumpkins and stuffing pipes full of fireworks. Jack appreciates the team showing up and asks them to do some errands that he doesn't have the physical ability nor the mental capacity for: picking some paint choices from a store. He hands them a relatively good budget, a few hundred nuyen in a credstick, and hopes they find a general use paint that works for everything: bodypaint, walls, fabric, the works.

The Plan

The plan is to go and check up on a few places starting from a Redmond paint store runners oft employ to get paint grenades filled to a Bellevue furnishing store of a more expensive variety. Oh yeah, and Jack wishes they take care of a little phantom on a rooftop not far from his dwelling.

The Run

The phantom is relatively nearby and easy to find, though the team notices they're being watched from an alleyway. They climb up the stairs due to a defunct elevator and half of the team ends up panting and sweating by the time they go up all the floors to roof entrance. A little Force 1 phantom hides in a steel shack that barely withstands the wind blowing against it. There's a bit of tense negotiation with this little inkling of a spirit, offering to take his haunt elsewhere once Jack figures the ritual out; it appears the spirit haunts a CD-ROM, something none of the runners really recognize and are very confused by. With the spirit calmed and agreeable, the team goes to look for a good store.

They start with the one in Redmond, and while the shopkeeper recognizes them as runners by their behavior, he offers some disposable paint in purple, orange and black. Quality colors all around; though while it's not safe for eating, it's not toxic to the touch. The team buys several pallets worth of the stuff and offers to come drive it in with a pickup-truck. Unfortunately, the pilot soft in the car they have is trash, so they end up driving it through light early morning traffic manually. Talk about glorious shadowrunner life.


Jack gets his paint, he's real happy about it and offers everyone some infusion of karmic power, just like old times. Some accept it, others say they're good for now. Either way, Jack can't pay them much so they'll just have to consider this a night well spent in the service of celebration.


  • Choose one:
    • Positive Quality: Barrens Rat OR
    • Positive Quality: Location Attunement I
  • 2 CDP
  • May take Pump King Jack as a contact, either by paying 10 CDP or refusing the quality.

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

la Rapide

When I first entered I was pretty on edge, cause he did put a bounty on my head when he was still building that astral tower of nightmares. But that bit turned out fine. He seems to have changed into a normal spirit of man now, but that's kind of hard to tell with those powerful spirits, so I'm not sure. All in all, it was a nice and chill "run", just get some paint and talk to a tiny phantom. God I wish I could have seen what was on that CD. Anyways, in the end I didn't wanna take chances with him, so I didn't took his "gift" and instead got his "number". So I guess it was worth it

Ty Vallynn

It was cool meeting the infamous Pump King Jack. Apparently his Halloween party is shaping up to be pretty grand. We might have to swing by. I want to make sure that little phantom is doing ok as well. Jack seemed like he was gonna take care of him, so I'm not too worried or anything.