Fury Road

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Fury Road
LocationSeattle/Salish-Shidhe border, Sioux Highway
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Ares Macrotechnology Aztechnology Sioux Warband
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Units involved
Hired gangers, a gunship and a HTR chopper The whole damn Warband
Casualties and losses
Several gangers, both helicopters, crews and HTR team. A border officer, numerous civilian cars 10 Thundercloud Morgans, 2 Jeep Trailblazers, 1 Ares Roadmaster, >20 warriors


Ares wanted a few barrels worth of "product" shipped from Seattle to Detroit. Some "competing parties" have taken an interest.



The uneventful matrix meet clarified that the run was going to net the runners a decent sum of money, and the Johnson's willingness to chip in some AV ammunition was also a hint that heavy opposition might pop up. Meeting in the meat two days later, the runners were handed the keys to what seemed like an obvious pet project and the wet dream of a certain kind of rigger: A heavily modified semi, armored to the gills and slinging some big calibre lead. Pocketing some complimentary explosives, the team moves out right away.


Leaving Seattle, on the border from UCAS and Salish-Shidhe, gridlocked before border controls, the team spotted a biker messing with their vehicle. Marionette, already completely decked in a celebratory AR pirate costume, moved in to remove the shaped charge from the Mack Hellhound. His FBA drew the attention of a border security officer, who in turn drew some lead from the budget hit squad sent by Aztechnology. The team dispatched the gangers in a short firefight, triggering all sorts of alarms from the border. But thanks to the powerful constructions and engines of their ride, its ram plates and remote decker support, Railroad was able to punch the land ship through to Salish-Shidhe territory.

None of the runners felt like negotiating when two black whirlybirds were rapidly gaining on them, and demanding surrender. Railroad kept the wheels turning and the air singing with lead, as initial attacks against the birds proved fruitless. As the HTR team began rappelling down from one black hawk, Nora Inu noticed a glaring weakness in its armor: The open passenger doors allowed an HE grenade right into the chopper's interior, downing it on one hit. Rabbit meanwhile picked an appropriate size of weapon and shot the much tougher gunship down with an AV missile. A brief investigation of the wreckage reveals that OPFOR had their location data, and the team soon rids the Hellhound of the built in tracker. Things have just begun to wind down, when a thunderstorm gathers in the distance.

A large Sioux warband bears down on the runners, accompanied by an attuned background count. The runners put the pedal to the metal, but the desert riders gain on them, and a high octane fire fight breaks out. Over the course of the engagement, the Thundercloud Morgans, attempting to ram and board the Hellhound, are again and again dodged by a hairs breadth, and thinned out by Ex-Ex fire and a well timed oil slick. The Sioux shaman proves a major headache to the team, opening the fight with a great form beast spirit, which Nora and Marion dispatch, before frying them with a lightning ball. Rabbit stops the summoner's vehicle with banshee magic and AV missiles, but he sends a great form blood spirit and a fire spirit to pursue the team on the astral.

Marion pales as he sees the summoner clamber from the wreckage, still alive, and wills his body to move yet again and dashes forward, sliding next to Rabbit and pulling her rifle to bear against her hip, shakily sighting in down the optical scope. With no connectivity the whole situation feels wrong, but through sheer willpower he brings in the sights through the dusk and smoke to reveal the bloodthirsty sneer. He squeezes. - User:Daedalus

The summoner taken out, the warband thinned, the fight boils down to the leader in the Ares Roadmaster and the runners. The Sioux HMG severely incapacitates Rabbit and Nora, but Rabbit regenerates, takes the bait and leaps onto the enemy vehicle, to engage the man wielding two axes in melee combat. Her attack is countered, and she takes more HMG fire, knocking her unconscious and off the Roadmaster, but Railroad gently catches her on the Hellhound's windshield, fans her some air with the wipers and refreshes her with a few generous squirts of window cleaner. Focusing on the monowhip adept, however, has left the Sioux open to counterattack, and Marionette grabs the missile launcher that Nora reloaded before biting a bullet and puts an end to the warband with one final huge explosion.


Arriving in Detroit, the runners find their Johnson surprised that they are still alive. It is revealed that they were merely a diversion, and the real 'product' had gone a different route. Less than amused, they push for a better reward for all the drek they went through, and are offered fancy, Ares Macrotechnology brand toys, a temptation most of them don't turn down, splurging on the legendary Thunderstruck, jetpacks and medical supplies.


30,000 Nuyen or 45,000 Nuyen in Ares manufactured gear/ware/vehicles/drones/ammo. 4 karma. +1 rep Ares.


Nora Inu

"Dear Freelancers," the posting said "I am in need of a few skilled people to make a discreet international delivery for me." Fragging discreet all right. If I had known that it was the kind of discretion where I'd take an EXtra-EXtra spicy pounding from an HMG, I'd have brought some less discreet armor. But I'm healing, and it really was all worth it. My new bones feel amazing! No more itching! Adapsin is really all it's cracked up to be, I can only recommend it. The Sioux had some serious hardware and manpower, that shit was more serious than some of the fighting in the tempo wars.