Streetlight Manifesto - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit

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Streetlight Manifesto - 9mm And A Three Piece Suit
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
LocationBellevue, Seattle
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Black Star
Commanders and leaders
Black Rose
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Nora Inu
Four Toes
Units involved
Various security
Casualties and losses

"Brother whatcha going to do With a 9mm and a three piece suit?"


Ex-NeoNET runners "just want to have some fun and vent some frustration" and are taking the fight to EVO, shooting and blowing up a big research and manufacturing complex. They're in pretty deep, and KE has already moved in to cordon of the whole areal, HTR is on its way.


Getting a call straight from the combat zone, the runners don't hesitate. The money is good, and these ex-corpies are just too funny, who would voluntarily miss that sort of a show? Details are exchanged over the phone while the runners are already making their way to Bellevue.


Not quite craving the heat of being cop-killers, the runners hatch a plan to use Black Rose's expertise to zip-line over the KE cordon. Black Star are convinced to stage a little semi-violent riot to capture the attention of the officers. Their hatred of EVO for CFDing trolls and orks on the regular mobilizes them in no time. Quickly reacting to the feed from the scene, the runners convince the ex-NeoNET crew not to geek any KE officers. Infiltrating the Shiawase building next door task's the team's lockpicks and stealth experts, before they cross 50 meters and five stories with nothing to stop them from plummeting into the KE cruisers below but a stealth rope. They bypass EVO corpsec and even surprise their exfil targets, quickly guiding them to the clinic, where a passage to the Ork Underground exists. Not wishing to tango with the local NeoPD lockdown, they make their way sideways through service tunnels and natural caves, eventually emerging in Tacoma many hours later.


Ex-NeoNET runners rescued, EVO facility smashed up big time, no KE officers harmed by Havenites, Bail posted for a few Black Star members in KE custody.


24000 Nuyen, 2 karma, +1 Black Star, +3 ex-NeoNET