Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile

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Motion City Soundtrack - Time Turned Fragile
LocationRedmond Barrens
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Kenran-Kai Overnight Maniacs
Commanders and leaders
The Traveller
Cyber Knight
Nora Inu
2-Day, Vanguard, Access Denied
Units involved
A car full of cannon fodder Assorted bikers
Casualties and losses
The car and contents.


"I have been asked something I... can not do... can never do... But I can't stop it, please help."


Rolling up in the trashed up backyard forests of the Redmond Barrens, the runners face an orc with a terrible Dilemma. He is the leader of a shell gang for the Kenran-Kai, and has a daughter in a similar position. Unfortunately, 2-Day, said daughter, and the other leader of the gang, Vanguard, a braggard of a cybered up street-samurai and shadowrunner, have fallen to hubris and think they can make better business by going around the Yakuza's supply chains and buying their merchandise elsewhere. So the Johnson was given the regrettable task of killing his own daughter. He wants her extracted to a safe place.


The runners decide to go straight for the daughter, finding the gang at their regular hangout and just casually chatting them up. Cyber Knight and Vanguard size each other up, while Nora Inu takes 2-Day aside. As they are talking, The Traveller spots a suspicious car. Notifying the rest of the gang via DNI, CK and Nora decide to not mince words and shoot first, ask questions never. Cyber Knight wrecks the car with a single arrow, while Nora lays down a withering blanket of explosive bullets, preventing any resistance and wounding the four mobsters in the car. Cyberknight walks through the torrent of fire and plucks one of the Yakuza from the disintegrating vehicle, as the rest are now also shot up by the Overnight Maniacs. Traveller interrogates the gangster, and fakes a call to his lieutenant, saying the target is dead. But Vanguard and Cyber Knight still have a score for bragging rights to settle. It's giant axe versus long sword, and Vanguard has a little decker bird helping him out, tweeting into his AR where the blows are coming from before they even happen. It doesn't help enough against Cyber Knight's absurdly big sword, though, and with his armor cut off his chest, beaten down and humiliated, Vanguard, and with him the chances to withstand the Yakuza, suddenly don't seem all that nova-hot anymore.


The Overnight Maniacs flee to the Ork Underground, where 2-Day and her father will hopefully reconcile and join forces.


10,000 nuyen, 4 karma. + 3 RVP in contacts or lifestyle per BtB or nuyen


Cyber Knight: Man I love smashing overconfidence to pieces. The smug attitude of this girl. Her dad sent us to save her ass and she had the gall to spit on his intentions, called him an idiot. My dad would whoop my ass even today if I insulted him like that. Punk ass bitch. And her boyfriend don't even get me started. Loser named Vanguard who bragged he soloed a zero zone. My ass! So I challenged him to a spar and put him in the zero zone. You know, like a zone for zeroes like him. Did it in front of his punk gf too, so she can see what a bunch of losers they are. My job here is done.