Nora Inu Initiation Run I

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Nora Inu Initiation Run I
LocationOrk Underground, Way to Redmond, Redmond
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Shotozumi Rengo
Hard Corps
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Units involved
Bento Hired muscle, Cowboy Robot, Ninjas, Wolf Spirit, Yakuza Mage
Casualties and losses
All but the Hard Corps muscle


Nora Inu gets a plea for help from her former subordinate Bento, who is in hiding in the Ork Underground. Nora is off, rushing through the crowds, shouting at them to "make a path!", as she is "coming through!".


Sneaking and muscling past the Hard Corps mooks, Nora meets up with Bento, who discloses that, like Nora herself, she got in some trouble due to the Kenran-Kai's abusive employer-employee relations. With 100,000 Nuyen on her head, she wants to get out of Seattle in a hurry, but her flight leaves from Redmond.


Considering all the options, Nora decides to go topside asap, and travel the rest of the way by car. A voice in the back of her head seems to agree. Narrowly avoiding a bug spirit hive, they run into a gunslinging, monologuing android in a cowboy getup, a converted antique, originally purposed to entertain children. It's cheerful music keeps playing in the tunnels as they rush on. They dispatch a squad of six ninjas with stealth, superior positioning and airburst frag grenades. Careful not to get too much ninja on their shoes, they board the getaway vehicle. In a rainy Seattle night a thunderstorm seems to draw closer, as if with intent. Soon this intent is manifest, when lightning strikes the road, and thundering footsteps begin gaining on the sport sedan. A massive wolf spirit hot on their heels, and the sensible advice to "Run!" ringing in the back of her head, Nora floors it. Several hairpin turns, close calls, choice curse words, one truck exploded by wolf spirit impact and an impromptu route change later, Nora sees the street ahead illuminated by a barrage of tracer fire, spells and missiles flying back and forth between both sides of the block. Pinned between the spirit giving chase and the crossfire ahead, something has to give. Thanks to swift evasive manoeuvring and a daredevil jump the suspension really wasn't built for, the sedan clears all the flying projectiles, with only a single unfortunate wiz-ganger impacting the car's hood. The wolf is less lucky, and gets slammed by two AV rockets, finally stopping it. Blasting the appropriate music on the state of the art sound system to blend in in Redmond, they make their way to the helipad without further delays. Bento's matrix overwatch reveals an extra presence, though, but curiously no one but the pilot is visible on the roof. Nora follows the maxim that has served her well this day: Shoot first, ask questions never. A quick spray of stick and shock reveals a male Japanese human, decked out in trinkets and wands. Gleefully imagining Nora's head as a nice bonus on top of the reward for Bento, he unleashes devastating lightning bolts that tear through the concrete as Nora narrowly dodges them. He fries his own brain with drain, as he keeps getting plugged with Stick&Shock courtesy of Hard Corps.


Bento is off, possibly to pursue a career in weapon engineering. Bear appears, commending Nora on a job well done. She can just about contain her itchy trigger finger this time around, and feels like she will be seeing more of this spirit. The word of a possible bug hive and its location is spread throughout the Underground, and also to the bloggosphere via Providence, as a dire warning: No need to feed the bugs with unsuspecting passers-by.


10 Karma, Mentor Spirit (Bear) at chargen cost.


Nora Inu

That fucking does it. Those snakes have not seen the last of me. Coming after my sweet little Bento with the same bullshit they pulled on me!
Fair warning to all of my chummers in the Haven: There's two new bug nests you don't want to step in: One is in the Ork Underground, [File:coordinates.png, attached with my Nixdorf Sekretär], the other one is the can of worms you're going to be cracking open if you ask me out on any Kenran-Kai or Shotozumi Regno related run. I am so fucking done with those clowns. They're not even running a syndicate, they're straight up running a pyramid scheme at this point. Forget loyalty, they don't give a shit. It's debt-slavery, that's what they're goi[single message sign limit reached]
Piece of junk chat, clipping me off like that mid-message. Whatever, I was just ranting anyway. The point is: fuck those snakes sideways with a spade. As an aside: Does anyone know a good automotive mechanic? What brand of run-flat rain slicks do you recommend for a '72 Hyundai Shin-Hyung? And why do they even sell anything other than slicks in Seattle, damn it!?