Set Your Goals - The Few That Remain

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Set Your Goals - The Few That Remain
Part of Aftermath - The Ex-Neonet Story
Result Destroyed Evo BTL facility, intimidated Gabriel Drake and stole his comlink.
Factions Involved
Commanders and leaders
Nora Inu
Casualties and losses
24 guards, Gabriel Drake, loading bay door, machinery.


One team of runners was hired by a prominent fixer who has been working with the ex-Neonet wannabe/beginner Shadowrunners. A group of people, one night, attempted to intimidate her into stopping the ex-Neonet runners. Your job was to stop this intimidation and deliver a counter message. Another team was hired by the leader of the ex-Neonet sinless to track down the source of devastating BTLs entering their camp. Their paths converged on an Evo plant in California, where the legal limits for Simsense recordings are much, much higher.


The meet involved no Johnson, but rather the two teams meeting up incidentally, as they were both staking out the facility from a nearby forested area. They quickly agreed to join forces and pacify their whole facility to be able to act with impunity.


Splitting into an assault team and a flanking team, the runners set up for a two-pronged assault. While the flanking team took on the recreation room, disabling the reinforcements, the assault team approached the main entrance of the facility. Then they commenced the attack simultaneously. The flanking team, consisting of Paladin, Kickmurder and Nora Inu took on Gabriel Drake, the heavily augmented head of the facility. They quickly overwhelmed him; Shocked by how vulnerable he was despite all his guards, he was easily intimidated into stopping the persecution of the ex-NeoNET runners working for Panacea. Meanwhile, the assault team, CAPTAIN FREEFALL, ©arbon, and Briegan made quick, and somewhat bloody work of the guards outside, culminating in the minotaur literally punching in of the front gates. The environmentally conscious runner team opted not to use the explosives set aside for the task, but rather to let the Captain take care of the machinery manually as well. Paladin also took Drake's comlink, scoring everyone some extra nuyen for the paydata.


In an overwhelming show of force, several guards died to gruesome sword wounds, one was severely injured by murderkicking, and many were decked out by Narcojet, Neurostun and Flashbangs. The BTL production lies in ruins, and Gabriel Drake is left to pick up the pieces.


3 Karma, 10,000 Nuyen, 2,000 Nuyen (Paydata)


Nora Inu

They never knew what hit em. Serves them right, too. I've seen those NeoNET chipheads. I bet they were using BTLs just like those. Frak, they must have thought they could be real Shadowrunners... Now they're swimming with the fishes off the coast of Tacoma. Damn those BTL pushers, give me a mission against those any day of the week. It turned into a bit of a murderfest down there, which I'm not sure was actually necessary, but that's not my call once bullets start flying. Definitely getting to know the razor girls and boys of the Haven lately.


Total milk run. Goes to show you that there ain't no way any number o' BTL pushers could stand up to seven runners from the Haven, even if they do got EVO money in their bods. That Drake dude, what a Goddamn invertebrate. All it took was a bullet flyin' close to his head and he fell apart. Easy money, little corp startups like that ain't nothin' to us. You ever see Gabriel Drake, don't sweat him. He's got the ware to be a razorboy but he don't have the edge.