Perilous Detour

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Perilous Detour
Part of Flight of the White Owl
LocationRedmond, Sophocles
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Dr. Tony Hanks
Redmond Street Docs
Cutters Halloweeners
Final Clown
Katherine Tyler
Cutter Gunman
Cutter Grunt
Cutter Basher
Cutter Drones
Amateur Deckers
Casualties and losses
Gunman, Grunt, and Drones Hellhound


In which five runners are hired to protect a supply van carrying vital medical solutions for Redmond's street doctors.


As part of its public outreach program - and a none too subtle part of its ongoing efforts to win over the sprawl's populace - the Salish-Shidhe Council has donated some rare medical supplies to the the street doctor community of the Redmond Barrens. An armored van carrying these supplies were to be delivered to Dr. Tony Hanks' clinic for further distribution throughout the district.

Meanwhile, the Halloweeners and the Cutters continue to struggle over the territory of Sophocles. (See: The Life and Times of One Kevin Crimes). A chance skirmish over ownership of a popular intersection between a street market and a tenement neighborhood leads to an escalating clash in which lower-level gangers fortify opposite sides of the street while heavy hitters from both gangs are brought in.

By chance, the medical supply van is caught in the middle of the fighting, and the driver has to stash the vehicle in an abandoned building's garage while making the call for help.

The Meet

Dr. Tony Hanks explains the situation to the five runners, who all agree to take on the job despite its modest pay.

The Plan

Initially, the runners plan to divide into three groups. One aimed to create a distraction, the other would go in and secure either the van or its cargo, and the third - consisting of Catharsis - would remain in the hospital and provide matrix support from afar.

Bedhead and Final Clown decide to first scout the area via astral projection. They don't have long to assense the area, as they are soon spotted by astrally perceiving members of both gangs, who begin to conjure spirits to deal with the possible spies. However, they do get a sense of the street layout and the challenges facing the team as they approach the van.

Meanwhile, Catharsis decides that close-in support is necessary if the team runs into a decker employed by one of the gangs.

Revising their plan, the team decides to move in as a single group, with Ryōma on his bike and Katherine Tyler driving the others in her truck.

The Run

The team succeed at safely and quietly driving close to the abandoned building where the van was holed up, dismounting in a secluded lot and sending their own vehicles back home on autopilot. After some spirit shuffling, Final Clown succeeds in obtaining a clown assistant that he finds sufficiently useful.

The group approach the building, only to encounter an advance party of Cutters that were attempting to bust down the door to the garage in order to find out who was holed out inside.

Combat ensues, with Bedhead and Final Clown slinging spells to damage or frighten the enemy, Katherine Tyler firing accurate shots to kill or disarm their targets, and Ryōma engaging and defeating enemies with both gun and sword. Catharsis bricks and shuts down one of the roto-drones attacking the team from the flank.

After securing the van and meeting up with the nurse driving it, they set out. They opt to rumble through Halloweener-controlled territory, as it consisted of a more open street market as opposed to the tightly-packed tenement buildings in Cutter control.

All is going well until a cyber-enhanced troll steps into their path, catches the front of the van, and grinds it to a stop in the middle of a street. The team has to fight off a Halloweener ambush, contending against shotgun-armed grunts, fire-breathing hellhounds, a hidden sniper, hidden amateur deckers, and one very armored troll. They manage to hold out long enough for Catharsis to brick one of the troll's arms, permitting the van to skid off and escape. The team members who exited the vehicle manage to re-board it at the last minute, and the runners escape with the supplies.


With the job done, the medicine makes its way to Dr. Tony Hanks, who distributes the much-needed supplies to Redmond's street docs.

Meanwhile, the Cutter and Halloweener battle for Sophocles rages on.


For Kate:
- Another level of Battle Hardened (4RVP)
- 7 Karma (7RVP)

For Catharsis:
- Go Big or Go Home (6RVP)
- 5 Karma (5RVP)

For Bedhead:
- Focused Concentration (lvl 1) (4RVP)
- 7 Karma (7RVP)

For Ryoma and Final Clown:
- 11 Karma (11RVP)

For Everyone:
- ¥4,000 Nuyen (2RVP)
- 2 CDP
- Optional Contact: Dr. Tony Hanks (2/2) at 3RVP or 6CDP
- Reputational Changes: -1 Rep with the Halloweeners and the Cutters. +5 Rep with the Street Docs of Redmond

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Katherine Tyler

Perilous indeed. I've never seen the Cutters or the 'Weeners up close, and I don't ever want to again unless it's behind the sights of my gun. I met even more Runners from the Haven. It's nice to work with professionals again. It's also refreshing to see another soldier. Even if they change everything they can, you never lose the look. The pay was...alright, but the feeling of helping out those who need it makes up for it.


I am thankful we ended up not coming to blows with any of the Cutters--I don't know if I could have contained my temper. Coming to out of the 'trix to find that a hellhound had... Breathed inside of the van was horrific, I'm glad Final Clown elected to save my body.


'For you are the grizzled healer, healing any who may seek thee for aid' An enemy of a charitable doctor is an enemy of Aten. I am glad to help.


It is good to be able to help Street Docs. Without them, many of us would not be able to safely do our jobs. And if those meds also go towards Redmond people who can't afford it, all the more reason to do it. But I need to grow stronger; my blade skills weren't enough to take down the Troll...