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Sun Priest
Nice Guy
Likes: Aten, Egyptian history, the sun, Food trucks
Dislikes: Infected, Polytheists, Spirits
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
PriorityMetatype - c
Attributes - b
Magic/Resonance - b
Skills - c
Resources - e

Character Information


A devoted follower of the Sun God Aten, Bedjoheb, often called Bedhead for simplicity, seeks to brighten the world and enlighten others.


  • Short term: Obtain money and help others.
  • Long Term: Start a following of Aten in Seattle


Yusuf el-Aswan was a thug. He knew it and his buddies knew it. Yusuf regularly disappointed his parents by mugging hopeful contenders to the Desert Wars and being an all-around disrepute. One cold night, he and his gang of hoodlums were stumbling around the desert when they sighted an old excavation site. Curious and eager for a place to sit, the group made their intoxicated way towards the camp.

Before they could enter, several tall, deathly pale figures leapt out of crevices and holes and began assaulting the band of thugs. Yusuf attempted to defend his allies, firing his rifle wildly, accidentally shooting one of his friends by mistake. This overwhelmed Yusuf with panic and grief and he fled into the excavation site and hid. After several hours, one of the pale men found him, and threw him to the ground. Yusuf heard a low growl from behind him and struggled to turn around. Suddenly the room filled with burning Hieroglyphs, teeth, claws and sunlight, vaporizing Yusuf's assailant.

But he saw none of this, as he was having a vision. In this hallucination, he was transported back to the outside of the site, but it was day and instead of being a ruin, the area was filled with magnificent stone buildings, and bustling crowds. Yusuf felt a pressure on his shoulder, looking down he saw a creature he had only heard of in legends: a serpopard. The catlike creature twisted its long neck to look him squarely in the eye. Suddenly, Yusuf was filled with a sense of profound purpose and determination. Then he woke up, a man reborn with a new name: Bedjoheb-Aten, meaning He who calls The Sun.

Narrative Significant Qualities


Aten's Blessing (Mentor Spirit:Wolf (Serpopard), Dedicated Spellslinger, Mentor's Mask): Bedjoheb seeks to please Aten and carry out his will. Aten is pleased.

Blood Boil (Witness my Hate): On his first large-scale battle with Infected, Bedhead found himself unable to meaningfully harm his sworn enemies. Vowing never to return to the scared boy he had once been, Bedjoheb began channeling his own life force to exterminate his hated foes.


Brutal Simplicity (Prejudiced: Infected): Bedjoheb hates Infected with a single-mindedness that has a tendency to push away those close to him. Fortunately or not, Bedhead cares little about that.

Aswanid clan curse ('Ware intolerance, Reduced Sense (Smell)): Ever since the Middle ages, the Aswanid clan has resided in their namesake region. Unfortunately, not many leave. This has genetic consequences

SINS Illegal: Omar Zuhrid R4

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Chicken ManNoctis8 September 2082
Cutting off the supplyArchtmag3 September 2082
Perilous DetourDejapesFlight of the White Owl2 September 2082




Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Mush 4 2 Fixer Black Magic Man, Black Magic Circles, Focus Fanboy, Fetish Gear, Discretion is the Watchword Even
Arnold Clayman 3 3 Custom(K,N,A,G) Seattle's Favorite Newscaster! Untimely Joke, Run Reporter, Yak Buddies, HORIZON-tal mamba, Palm Greaser, You? A Lawyer?? Even
Huugo Pitkannen 1 1 Service Medical Student Proficient surgeon, Viral Fascination, How do *you* know all this drek, But my specimens... Even
Quanah Mac Suibhne 1 1 Gear Paranoid Rigger Gotta make sure, The Bump Stock Boogie, Determined Pesterer, Kaboomies :)))) Even
Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Hounds of Aten Member 1 2 Charitable Vampire Hunters Maintaining Seattle, Snohomish, Carlson House




The Night Throne (-40 rep)

In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit *The head of a bed, or hair that is mussed or tangled when a person gets out of bed.*
2 hits *a Texas-based indie rock band active in the 1990s*
3 hits *a brief mention in an Emerald City News Special "Top 20 Most Creative Runner Names."*
4+ hits *a user of the queried name arguing on a cryptoreligions forum about the Egyptian Atenism religion.*

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 hit "You've gotta be joking. No one names themselves that."
2 hits "Every time I think I've heard the dumbest runner name, someone goes and does me better."
3 hits "Wait. I think I heard someone get called that in a runner bar once. He was was tatted up and had a prehistoric-looking AK."
4+ hits "Egyptian spellslinger. Real name is hard to pronounce so we all just call him Bedhead. Regularly starts drek with infected."


Bedjoheb has multiple tattoos on his arms and chest, mostly Arabic and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. He also has some gang tattoos, including an Ibn Eisa bust on his left shoulder that he isn't proud of.


Usually garbed in tight jeans and a lacy top, with light-up sneaks he bought on a dare but actually liked.

Matrix Persona

A pyramid with legs. Hieroglyph speech bubbles pop up when he talks.

Media Mentions

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