Cutting off the supply

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Cutting off the supply
LocationBellvue, Renton
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Night Throne
Gav Jacinto
Cold Hands
Spirit Speaker
Several Ghouls, a Vampire, a Loup-Garou, and a Zoo noo qua
Casualties and losses
All but one unidentified infected and one noncombatant Vampire


Rose of Sharon Howlett has been investigating Westing memorial hospital; She believes The Night Throne has been acquiring corpses, blood bags, and other medical waste from within. She hires the runners to investigate this and destroy the food source and the Infected defending it.


Sharon is correct: Infected have been sourcing their food from that hospital for some time, and have established a warehouse and distribution center in Renton to move their ill-gotten snacks.

The Meet

The runners meet up at a uninhabited bar during the day. Sharon tells the runners about the situation, Bedhead initially refuses payment, but is convinced to accept some. The runners then take a taxi to a motel to plan

The Plan

The runners will scope out the hospital physically and on the astral for more leads, if none are found they will simply follow the van carrying the goods to the Infected nest.

The Run

Spirit Speaker and Bedhead astrally project to the hospital. Spirit Speaker goes into the ward alone and investigates the building. Finding few things of note, he is spotted by a mage and pursued by a spirit. He flees across the ward with the mage and spirit in pursuit. The mage tails Spirit Speaker back to his meat body. After a brief altercation, the mage departs and the spirit pursues the runners physically while KE closes in. Gav manages to defeat the spirit, and the group elects to spend another day licking their wounds and gathering information. Bedhead calls Cold Hands and subcontracts her into the run. After communicating with their contacts, the group elects to tail the van. One false alarm later, they pursue the vehicle to a dilapidated warehouse in Renton. Opting for a blitz, the Runners saw open the entrance to the warehouse and attack the Infected. A brutal fight ensues, in which Gav is almost infected. The runners manage to defeat the infected, and destroy the food supply. Bedhead goes full anakin mode on the noncombatant Infecteds.


30 min over time - 17 RVP total 26k Nuyen or 52k in gear rewards (13 RVP) 4 Karma (4RVP)

Gear Reward Options: Weapons, Armor, Ammo, A18 or lower For Bedhead, a GMC Bulldog Step-Van w/ Mods, A18 or lower

Optional Contacts, rvp subtracted from other rewards: Rose of Sharon Howlett as a (2/3) - 4 RVP St1tch as a (5/2) - 6 RVP

Optional Qualities, RVP subtracted from other rewards For Gav, Daredevil - 6 RVP For Spirit Speaker, Tough as Nails, Rank 1/2, 5 or 10 RVP For Bedhead, Witness my Hate, 7 RVP For Cold Hands, Catlike, 7 RVP

Spirit Speaker gets +1 Loyalty on Rose of Sharon Howlett

Bedhead gets -40 Reputation with The Night Throne.

Spirit Speaker's astral signature is known by KE.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Aten is pleased with the results of this run. We struck a great blow against the monsters hiding in this City today.

Spirit Speaker

I will have to greatly improve my astral infiltration skills. Getting trapped inside the barrier nearly resulted in my death and might do so again in the future. At least once I bind this weapon foci I will be able to hold my own properly in astral combat.