Chicken Man

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Chicken Man
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Minor Restaurant Eagle Security
Casualties and losses
Eagle Security Men


An H.O.A. President of a rich neighborhood calls up some runners to deal with a new custom drug coming through her neighborhood.


The runners received a call at 4 pm in a nice Bellevue neighborhood that was out of their league in terms of lifestyle

The Meet

On the way, Tombstone was confronted by the guards about their wearing a ballistic mask in a AAA neighborhood. After getting the "I'm watching you treatment, they joined up with the rest of the team in the J's palatial estate. There was no counteroffer to the intial 12,000 and Tombstone immediately figured out one of their buddies mentioned something similar in a neighborhood. They accepted the J's Rating 20 explosive after BedHead confirmed having a contact that could guide them through demolitions and Oathbane grabbed a rating 12 briefcase for the bomb

The Plan

The plan was to track down the areas of operation one by one of the red and yellow trucks and pull on the threads until they got to a truck, and followed it back to the place where they would place the explosives and flee the area

The Run

Investigation #1 The party pulled up in the first area, and in the van Boombox awkwardly decided that the fae-like dryad Oathbane would do a better job of talking than he would. This confused the maintenance guy they were speaking to before they found out he was unawares. Oathbane got out and left the hardened murderers to themselves and hit up the Christian Missionary and respectfully got him to confess that the girl scouts were the best option, and elected to ignore the timeshare salesman. The Girl Scouts eyed her up and did not make her as someone up to no good, but after Oathbane said she was investigating the troupe lead and girls huddled up and charged the group 2,000 for their entire selection and guided them to a piece of the truck and a rougher neighborhood. Bedhead grabbed the piece of the door and bounced.

Investigation #2 On arrival in the Bellevue C zone Oathbane looked out, spying some rougher kids, a couple of orks hiding out in the alley, and decided that the Seer's office was the best choice. Bedhead launched out after confirming that they would be able to use the truck piece to get a reading. Landing like a cat he was out of there and he span on his heels with Oathbane's leadership and spread the cookies to the rampaging street kids without an issue. The Seer decloaked, fooling all of those within except Oathbane with her invisibility, and gave them a reading for another 2,000.

Pursuit The reading led them to a D zone in Everett where the truck would be passing, and with this, they posted up shortly away from a building, and Oathbane after quieting the party let them know she'd take control of the truck and make it seem like it was having trouble and pulled together sufficient resonance to control a convoy. The Eagle Security team pulled to one side, a Lieutenant, Enchanter, and Fenrir got out as the sudden malfunction incited panic in them. Tombstone moved in to place a stealth tag on the truck, but the Fenrir saw them and signaled their handler. They cowed Tombstone into removing the RPC and walking back. And in this moment Boombox slid in and placed the tag

Catch The party followed the tag to a restaurant. Oathbane disguised herself and walked in, still getting stares aplenty. She got a couple of marks on the host and slipped by their security and copied the security files which confirmed the orange pile was to be sealed. Bedhead sent in a low force clairvoyance, spotting the watchers and getting into the back where a mana barrier and open orange crate confirmed the location. Boombox on the move snuck up the roof and with aid from Oathbane's contact jury-rigged up a toxin cloud that would leave the occupants unconscious but not inhaling naroject until they died. With that, the party cleared the bodies and got inside setting the R20 explosive but not before Bedhead extracted all of the trade secrets from the Chicken Man himself. And Boombox knew the Rapid Response playbook by heart and went down the one road KE would never have used.


A restaurant went into the sky. The new custom drug empire in Bellevue with a burgeoning superlab was snubbed in the crib. Girl Scouts and Seer satisfied.


-12k nuyen (6 RVP)

-5 karma (5 RVP)

-2k Extra Paydata


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Whatever security really needs to up their protection. If we went in guns blazing I bet they still would have failed.


Hey calm and collective head is able to get around most problems and with a few polite words they're able to talk people into such interesting positions and ways of acquiring goals. I may be a matrix expert but I'm sure good at using my wits and cunning to solve problems even if my team rather just kick down the door and just gun everyone down to solve a solution. i take a more practical step in acquiring my goals


Learned some interesting things today. But the streets are always better off without drugs. Would like to do it for non-Karens next time though.