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Welcome to the Show
Part of Building a Better You
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Miles Imaus
Sarah Glenn
Local Business Halloweeners
Building Security
Casualties and losses


The team infiltrates a business as animal control in order to remove a wild fox, who happened to be a shifter from their squad. While on the job, they retrieve damaging material for a local anti-ganger activist.


Sarah Glenn, a local anti-Halloweener activist, is the daughter of Miles Imaus's old business partner. She started building her crew after her father, Evander Glenn, was put into a coma by what people assumed were Halloweeners because of the graffiti left at the scene.

The Meet

The team met Miles at the Black Tie Affair, a piano bar in Bellevue. Miles asked the team to acquire video footage of Sarah's activities from a local office. Apparently the owner has been attempting to sell the footage to Halloweeners so that they know who has been a thorn in their side.

The team was offered 40,000 nuyen for the group. Appreciative of the initial offer, Coyotl negotiated for a small bump in pay and to cover expenses for the run.

Iceland, having a relationship with Miles and Sarah Glenn, vouched both for the team and the value in providing some security to Sarah's activities.

The Plan

After some matrix investigating, the team concocted several plans. First, the team could talk its way past security. To do this, DJ would shut down an elevator, and Iceland and Coyotl--posing as repairmen--would infiltrate the facility. Nogitsune would be nearby as backup to the infiltration team. As a second possibility, Iceland and Nogitsune would infiltrate the facility through a window or ductwork.

Finally, the team settled on a modification of the two plans: Nogitsune, a shifter, would enter the building through the ductwork and intentionally trip sensors. DJ would hack comms to redirect security's call, and Coyotl and Iceland would disguise themselves as an animal control response team.

The Run

Iceland and Coyotl acquired disguises, including jumpsuits, tool belts, cages, and stun batons. Nogitsune swapped into his true fox form away from the team, and hid his human gear.

Nogitsune dropped onto the building's roof and snuck in through ventilation. He dropped into the office, tripping sensors and making his presence known to the security guard on duty. DJ intercepted the call to animal control. After waiting a reasonable amount of time, Iceland and Coyotl arrived on the scene and, bluffing past the guards, the pair entered the building. DJ cycled the cameras so that the guard on duty would only see the team chasing the fox in circles. While the footage was looped, they found the data chip with Sarah's security camera footage. They also made copies of other chips to sell for a bit of extra nuyen. After finding their objective, Nogitsune curled up in the animal cage and DJ finalized the video editing to make it look smooth for the guard. They exited the same way they departed.


The team sold any innocuous data they could to earn a little extra nuyen, raising their total pay from 12,500 to about 14,000 per person. Sarah's identity stays safe, for now. The players had the opportunity to take Miles Imaus as a contact at loyalty 2.


  • 14,000 nuyen
  • 2 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This went way smoother than last time... Who knew impersonating Animal Control could be so easy? Guess I have a backup career.


Glad that my friend, was able to help and raise a bit of hell