Black Tie Affair

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Black Tie Affair
Black Tie Affair.png
Location CreatorSilasBane
IC OwnerMiles Imaus


The black Tie Affair is a classy piano bar that caters to VIPs and those that can afford the cover charge.

The clientele is a mix of up-and-comers and middle aged or older folks who find common ground in the sights and sounds of a world long past. The central stage houses a beautiful black grand piano every night, and is often flanked by small groups of string instruments or a drum kit and a few brass instruments. Jazz, classical, soul, and fusion music echo through its interior, depending on the night and the artist.

Distinctive Features

The front area includes booths, flanked by a long, luxurious bar on one side and couches on the other. Tables are spaced out so that everyone can enjoy the music. The younger generations tend to flock to couches, while older patrons tend to utilize the tables. The booths are often reserved for VIP members, some of which have a certain shadiness to them.

The back of the bar contains a security and break room and a greenroom. The bar leads back into a full kitchen with walk in freezer. The restrooms are near the front of the building, and while a bouncer mans the door, patrons without a VIP pass may wait for an hour or longer to be admitted into the main area.

The Bar's Blueprint

IC Information

Notable Associated Characters

Miles Imaus is a partial owner of this establishment.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Schedule of acts, drink specials, and reviews.
3 Miles Imaus as owner.
6 Will place high stakes gambling bets for its VIP members.

Area Knowledge:Seattle Table

Threshold Result
1 The Black Tie Affair is a Piano Bar in Bellevue.
3 It's expensive and caters to VIPs. Getting in can be difficult on the weekends.
5 There tends to be a mafia presence within the building.

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