Let Sleeping Orks Lie

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Let Sleeping Orks Lie
Part of Building a Better You
LocationBlack Tie Affair
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Mafia Bookie
Sweetwater Kate
Miles Imaus
Evander Glenn


Miles Imaus is trying to be a better elf. I mean, he's not SUPER GOOD at it, but...baby steps. By using runners to help erase his debt with his Bookie, Mister B, Miles can instead invest in the healthcare of his old business partner. By wiping the Bookie's terminal and destroying his datachip, Miles can finds himself debt free.


Miles Imaus sold the drone business he co-owned with Evander Glenn after a botched recon run from another Shadowrun team (see New to the Neighborhood). With Evander in a coma from a subdural hematoma, Miles has slowly started to realize he needs to change. So, in truly good-as-long-as-I-don't-have-to-give-anything-up fashion, Miles hires runners to wipe his debt so he can instead use his gambling losses to pay for Evander's care.

The Meet

The runners carpooled to the rear entrance of the Black Tie Affair, a piano bar in Bellevue. Whisked in the back by the bartender who was preparing to open, Pell, Poppet, Sweetwater Kate and Vip3r met with Miles Imaus, who Vip3r recognized from her previous run, New to the Neighborhood.

Miles began by weaving a tale about Evander's gambling debt, and how--now that he's injured--he was unable to pay for both his gambling debt and his medical care. After Poppet and Pell pressed him, Miles admitted to being the owner of the gambling debt. He believed that Evander was attacked to send Miles a message about the seriousness of the outstanding sum. However, his desire to help keep his partner alive seemed to be true.

Instead of talking the Johnson into more money, Poppet convinced him to owe the group a favor in addition to the job's payment. Viper knew the REAL reason that Evander had been accosted, and later filled in her team.

The Plan

Vip3r contacted David Yang, her fixer with the Eighty Eights. Mr. B--named Stan Beneventi--definitely ran bets for at least one Mafia family in Seattle. The team discovered that his driver was actually a mafia-issued bodyguard, and he ran large frights and sporting events.

Before making a plan, Pell used an air spirit to scout the building. Very low level veils and wards were present in the building, but only in the Bookie's office. The office had a lot of lingering anger and sadness. Sweetwater Kate used drones to scout the building. By slipping up to the fourth floor and into a vent, she managed to scout the physical office while avoiding detection. Mr. B was in his office working on a terminal built into his desk. To Kate's chagrin, the terminal was off grid. However, she did glean the commcode for Mr. B's personal commlink.

Last, Vip3r explored the office building's Matrix presence. Discovering the cameras, elevator controls, alarms, maintenance schedule and general storage, the team hunkered in to build a general plan:

  • Arrive at night disguised as maintenance with a security drone.
  • Disable the cameras and alarms; enter the building.
  • Break into the office.
  • Bypass the Bookie's subnetworked security.
  • Delete Miles' data.

The Run

Pell summoned a water spirit to provide rain and help hide their presence. They drove to the back parking lot as a team, and Pell guarded Sweetwater Kate as she jumped into a Doberman drone. Though Poppet has a mild phobia of security drones, she eventually agreed that the firepower backup was valuable.

With Vip3r looping the camera feeds and the alarm sensors, Poppet unlocked the door and got them into the building. The doberman used the elevator, and Vip3r and Poppet walked up two flights of stairs. Sweetwater Kate saw lights in a business across the way, but the infiltrators were soon out of sight as Vip3r and Poppet disabled the Bookie's security measures as a duo.

It was soon discovered that the light Kate had seen belonged to a security guard as he began to make his rounds. This put the team on a shortened timeline. The datachips discovered during the previous scout were no longer available, having instead been tucked inside an old world iron safe. It was no match for Poppet's lock-picking, and at last the team set upon row after row of datachips, each representing someone indebted to the bookie.

As Vip3r began searching for Miles' chip, Pell's spirit caught the security guard entering the office lobby. While the rest of the team pressed against the walls out of sight, Kate's Doberman rolled out into the lobby, pretending to be a security drone owned by the building and / or Mr. B. The bookie didn't take the bait, knowing they didn't use security drones. As he placed a call on his comm, Vip3r pushed a file to the building's server notifying security personnel of new drones employed to maintain the safety of the third floor offices, and incoming security were thwarted. The datachip was discovered and destroyed, and any references to Miles were erased on Mr. Beneventi's console.


The team was paid after no withdraw was made by Mr. Beneventi from Miles' accounts. As far as he knows, Miles is now in the clear for gambling data.

Evander has since regained consciousness, and--while he's devastated to have lost his business, his daughter has been visiting him regularly in the hospital. He won't go bankrupt for his medical care.


Each runner received ¥10,000, 4 karma, and Miles Imaus as a 3/2 contact.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Miles is a sweetheart, really. Delightfully pliable, at least to one such as ourselves. Nasty habit he seems to have, but of course- that just means we will have more work later.

Sweetwater Kate

This one was cutting it pretty close. If we hadn't've had that hacker, giving that guard the slip would've been a lot tougher. Might've had to give him a load of stick-and-shock. Still, I'm pretty proud of my scouting work.


Kate was definitely the MVP of this run; between her drone recon up front and her Doberman in the building with us watching our backs, we wouldn't have been able to do this without her.
I just hope Mr. Imaus actually plans to contribute to Evander's medical fund after the complete and utter clusterfrag that was the last job, and doesn't just slot and run with his newfound freedom from debt. I wouldn't put it past him.