On the Rocks

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On the Rocks
Result The Cutters had their drugs stolen for the Halloweeners, but believe the Vintage Misery were behind it.
Factions Involved
Rambozo The Clown
Casualties and losses
6 injured Cutters


Lately, the Halloweeners have not been doing too well. Their numbers are dwindling, and with Halloween approaching, they want to throw a party as a show of wealth. They hire some shadowrunners to steal some party favors for them without risking a turf war.


The Johnson, a ganger in a gas mask and dressed like a scarecrow with a bandoleer full of gas grenades, called the team to a square in the Redmond barrens. There, they were setting up for the party. The block was elaborately decorated with lights, music, and a Christmas tree that was covered in Halloween-themed Christmas tree ornaments. Scarecrow explained the situation and offered a bonus if they could cause mischief along the way. Stormcrow successfully negotiated for a box of Halloween ornaments.


After staking out the warehouse the rival gang's drugs were in, Rambozo determined the place was being protected by the Cutters. There were 8 visible, guarding all the entrances. The team decided to play the trick of replacing all of their drugs with a bunch of pepper punch and gun lube, which Yata stole by bribing an employee in Weapons World. They decided to create disguises to make themselves look like Vintage Misery gangers.

Stormcrow checked out a vent leading inside the warehouse, where he engaged in an epic battle with a spider, ultimately consuming it whole. This cleared the way for Howler to scout the interior with her eye drone. The warehouse was very dark and musty. Scarecrow had said the drugs were in the basement - sure enough, there were four man-portable crates down a set of stairs into a cramped storage closet.

While Yata and Rambozo drew the Cutters' fire on one side of the building, Howler and Stormcrow used their magic to levitate crates inside and switch the contents without being noticed. The Cutters were routed, and Yata and Rambozo chased them for a while to make it seem like they weren't interested in the warehouse's contents.


The team regrouped and returned to the square. The party had begun in earnest, determined to last all day long. They were welcomed back like friends who'd gone on a beer run, and the ravenous horde eagerly tore into the crates of novacoke, cram, bliss, and other goods. Scarecrow gave the team an extra 2,000¥ for framing a rival gang and secretly replacing the drugs.


  • 14,000¥
  • 2 Karma
  • 1 Faction Rep (Halloweeners)

Player After-Action Reports

Yata's AAR

That run went off rather well, if I don't say so myself. Rambozo and myself did a damn fine job of keeping the gangers distracted while Howler and Stormcrow made the switch. Made ourselves a rather fine haul out of it, too!

Howler's After Action Report

Howler made it home and laughed. It all went off without a hitch, and now some yahoos were going to be in for a nasty surprise when they try and use those drugs... But then she stopped and thought about it for a moment. A lot of people she knew and kinda liked used drugs... Maybe... No... Damn it, better make sure.

Howler: Casual reminder to check your drugs before you use them. Some people are saying some nasty fakes are floating around as a prank. So unless you enjoy snorting crushed peppers, keep an eye out.

Yata: Hehehehehe...

Wolfheart: What did you do?

Howler: Casually reminded everyone to check their drugs.

Wolfheart: That laugh suggests otherwise.

Howler: I don't know anything about that.

Yata: All I did was borrow a truck, and knock out some gangers guarding a Warehouse.

Yata: I, in no way, shape, or form, tampered with drugs.

Yata: The 'weeners should be safe to get them from though. Heard a shipment fell into their lap.

Doyle: You'll forgive my scepticism

Yata: What? I didn't. And my guncam will show that I was not involved with the tampering.

Howler: Don't worry about it.

There... That ought to do it...