Early October

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Early October
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Halloweeners
Voice of the Whirlwind
Fia d'Moon
Halloweener Go-Gangers
Casualties and losses
Multiple Halloweener Go-Gangers


Runners were called into an emergency. Halloweener's were having a fire sale: 100% off free immolation.


Halloweeners took to the streets of Touristville in Redmond in an early celebration of October. Fixers called up Wolfin, Voice of the Whirlwhind, and Fia d'moon to staunch the flames before things got too bad. Due to the impromptu nature of this event, the runners had little information to work with and had to gather information on the scene.

The Meet

Mindy Lew, Ezekiel Martin, and Alessa P. either called or sent messages to get people to Redmond as soon as possible. There was not enough time for a traditional meet.

The Plan

In short, making sure that the tide of flame put out by the Halloweeners was stopped. Fia suggested gathering info from passerby's, where Voice of the Whirlwind decided to gather information directly from a halloweener. Wolfin decided to use the barrel of her gun as a bargaining chip and successfully gained intel from the corpse of a halloweener troll's chest.

The Run

Fia summoned an air spirit so the squad could use small unit tactics. In formation, they approached and communicated with a halloweener troll. The four of them spoke at short length about the troll's flamethrowers, and aquired one before Wolfin deleted their chest cavity. Heading towards the screaming, the runners encountered a halloweener technical with gunner and squad in tow. An opening salvo deleted two of the halloweeners with RPGs, but they were unsuccessful in stopping them as one was nicked off a halloweener corpse and fired at the gang. The runners survived and Wolfin and Whirlwind replied with a salvo against the halloweeners. Fia's air spirit started to eviscerate those left in the technical, and a ganger controlled by Fia lit up his teamates with fireballs. The runners finished off the rest of them by killing the gunner and wounding the technical, passifying the driver and team, and cleaning up the rest of the halloweeners in the area. Fia then summoned a water spirit in order to stop some of the flames, but the runners may have caused more fires than the gangers.


Buildings were lit on fire and reduced to rubble, the runners survived and gathered up donations from the locals.


13 Karma (13 RVP) 2000 Nuyen - Donations from the community (1 RVP)

+4 Rep 'People of Redmond' -2 Rep 'Halloweeners'

Game Quotes

Fia d'Moon: "I'm deaf, and I'm listening to an audiobook."

GM: "You precisely analyse the screaming to find the screamiest of screams."

Speccy: "Task failed successfully."

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Fia d'Moon

I think I caused more damage than the halloweeners have. I was able to mind control someone again which always feels weird, but this time the rush they got from setting shit on fire hit me hard. Either that or combat high gave me a second wind after being exploded by an RPG. I feel bad for burning down the city, but I summoned a water spirit to help with some of the fires. Allessa, please consider me for work that doesn't include stopping fires next time. Worst of all, I missed my hangout with Swerve...

Voice of the Whirlwind

Well, today I learned that while Halloweeners may be squishy as drek, they can actually shoot provided they're the right kind of high. The armour did stop it, though. The run went great, nice team - Wölfin had a lovely big gun, and us two chromed up deathmachines picked off the goons while Fia worked up some mind magic and got the 'weener mage to blow up their own guys. Oh, and it was lovely and warm.