Bread And Cheese

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Bread And Cheese
Part of Baker Wars
Legendary Pastry
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Saul Goodman
6 Halloweener SMG +Cocktail
3 Halloweener Flamethrower
Casualties and losses
their dignity 2 hugged by Burnie, 2 struck down by ice storm, 2 arrested by KE


Saul Goodman hired runners to defend his person and secret recipes. These runners planned a defensive operation around Saul, and executed the plan with more or less complete effectiveness. During the execution and planning of this run, Saul Goodmans legendary pastries sparks Potato as a lifelong customer. Oathbane experiences nirvana in the form of running on the edge, and burnt one Edge.


Saul had a premonition as the rose early in the day to put their pastries to the fire, a portent of the future from the hearth which bread was made. A future in which Saul went to the Annual Cheese Emporium and get horribly hurt, or his legendary secret recipes stolen. To amend this, runners were hired.

The Meet

The runners walked into the bakery, got offered pastries which multiple people accepted. Potato became a lifelong customer. Paragon commented on the nice state of affairs with the HVAC system.

The Plan

A large amount of the planning went into doing an insertion through the front door with firearms & ammo. It ultimately came to Potato utilizing the fact that they don't do as much scanning on people who do not present any weapons to the authorities.

The Run

the runners drove to Tacoma. They arrived, and Paragon walked through the front door with no issue. Oathbane wore sandals into the Tacoma cheese emporium, and used that as a method of getting a skinlink on the MAD scanner they were trying to cross, successfully hacking it. Potato presented a taser to the security, and was pushed through the MAD scanner, which did not find all the illegal items on him because it was hacked. Oathbane prevented the sin scanner from working properly, and a spider noticed, and got a dataspike reversed on him. Potato walked through the scanner with no issue. Paragon shot some illusionary sparks in feigned excitement, and promptly got tailed by some goons. they arrived at the booth with Saul Goodmans pastries, helped set up the booth with the guy, and Paragon left to the bathroom and got tailed by the goons, who were creeps and one of them followed her into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the party put down the stash of bullets and drugs underneath the counter. Shortly there after, Ace heard laughter and bikes echoing from behind the wall in which the booth was set up in. He sent up a flyspy up throughte vents and through an outward vent, and spotted a bunch of halloweeners with grenades setting up. Paragon & Bunny stacked Physical barriers to reduce the impact of the bomb placed upon the wall. the explosion was substantially reduced by the armoring, and reverbed to effect some gangers. A short firefight occurs, with a couple notable events:

  • Paragon sends a lightning ball at the Halloweeners.
  • Halloweeners return fire with flamethrowers.
  • Bunny ices them over with a ice storm
  • multiple molotov cocktails are thrown at the Runners
  • A fire spirit summoned in the morning of the day by Bunny is called, and used to engulf two Halloweeners.
  • Potato took Betameth and became addicted.

All the gangers were knocked out or murdered. the runners exfiltrated from the premises. During exfiltration, Potato passes out from drug interactions, and Bunny uses a heal spell on Potato and avoids passing out during the process. The karmic balance of the world was kept in check. Saul Goodman lamented for his ruined pastries, and did not get surprised when the Cheese Emporium's second day was canceled. The next day, Saul met with the runners and paid them.


No runner escaped unscathed.


10k nuyen from the J (4k nuyen up front + 6k after)

1k nuyen discount to lifestyle for 4 months in the form of pastries

6 karma


May purchase Saul Goodman (Connection 5) at Loyalty 2 for 6 RVP or 12 CDP

Potato: Dependent -> Dependent (Demanding) due to pastry addiction

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Bunny: Did you see that? Did you see what I did? Did you see what Burnie did? I was freakin' awesome.

I just hope the other Runner's don't find out I nearly missed the meet to get hired 'cos Granny wouldn't let me leave the house. I mean, I had to summon Flushy to carry me out of there. She caught me sneaking out twice. And now she thinks I have a boyfriend. I mean, she can't even order her own matrix groceries, but she can hear a gnome sneaking out at 1am?

I had to put up with sharing a car with a stinky, unconscious dwarf though. She didn't even answer the question when I asked if she was one of those one's that wanted to steal the Underground. Where the hell is Snowhomish anyway? And why does she smell of poop? Omae, I hope no one finds out I healed the slitch. I mean, she's a dwarf. But I didn't want to take the hit to my rep for not healing a team-mate before I even have a rep. I mean, how bad would that be? It's all Potato's fault for being too dumb to take cover to begin with.

Paragon: Sometimes, runs get a bit hectic, especially when Halloweeners got involved. Plainly written, I think the biggest issue was the fact that we were all Shadowrunners in a normal-people convention. I shot sparks and the security team got alert, kind of tragic. I sampled probably two dozen cheese samples, and some of the pastries from Saul's bakery, and I have to say that it was a good investment, wow. The explosion by the Halloweeners was pretty bad, especially when they tried to light me on fire. I feel a little bad for helping murder them but uh, I can't help but feel like a clip-on when I say that it's out of my scope?

Oathbane Given the last ordeal I had with the bakery it was at first I thought was going to be a simple job until I realize getting past the sins scanner and employing by unique encryption protocol that can ignore the reservation of sins for awhile.I honestly did not expect to be caught in the middle of a firefight between the halloweeners and my own team .I'm not very much towards combat I may carry around a SMG but that is morally for my own self protection and it's likely not going to stand well against people who are looking to end me ,Luckily enough everything went out well and we managed to get away and then of us got caught thankfully …it just security there was slow very unprofessional