A Third Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix

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A Third Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The Phoenix
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Halloweeners Night Hunters
Commanders and leaders
Eagle Eye
Casualties and losses
None 1 Halloweener recruiter 4 Night Hunters


A Johnson wanted a Halloweener recruiter to take a dirt nap.


Meeting in a rundown... sustenance providing locale in Redmond, the rather inexperienced Johnson offered 20,000 per runner to dispose of a Recruiter for the Halloweener gang. After a short negotiation, Eagle Eye, Dolos and Decoy left the meet with the mystified J to murder their target, who was street performing three blocks away.

The Plan

So, Dolos was going to get a spirit ti cast Accident on the recruiter when he was doing a fire-breathing performance. He was going to then have a terrible, probably fatal, accident.

The Run

Eagle Eye gave the other two runners a ride in his zeppelin, Serafina, where Dolos got to casting his spirit. Meanwhile, Decoy spotted some Night Hunters threatening a group of orks, which sent both EE and Decoy into a rage, so they made a quick detour to... discourage the gangers. EE stealthed his airship, Decoy dropped a pair of grenades, and EE turned one of the Night Hunters' heads into a gaping hole. Their brief business concluded, they flew back to their actual target, who quickly suffered an unfortunate fire breathing accident at the hands of Dolos' spirit.

Their business concluded, they contacted one very surprised Johnson to collect their payment.


The Halloweener Recruiter had an unfortunate firebreathing accident while casting a live stream. Four Night Hunters were seemingly murdered by ghosts.


  • 22,000¥
  • 2 karma