Family Ties

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Family Ties
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
The Blackmore Family
Catharsis' second mundane ascension.


Catharsis is hired by Rina Blackmore to retrieve the entirety of The Blackmore Foundation's SINner database, she delves into the foundation in order to retrieve it all and comes out the other side richer, but also in more emotional debt.


Jeremiah Blackmore has a lot of kids, and so to keep track of them all, The Blackmore Foundation processes all of their Tir SIN information into one central database. Rina, for her own reasons, wants access to this.

The Meet

Meeting Rina and Janet (one of Rina's sisters), for breakfast in Everett, Catharsis learns that Rina seeks the entirety of The Blackmore Foundation's SINner database--For curiosity's sake? Catharsis isn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and after some clarifications, they eat, and then Catharsis gets to work.

The Plan

The building Catharsis is targeting is in the elven slum Tarislar. Settling in at the Iceberg Hotel, Catharsis' plan is to enter, dive into the foundation, and find the file with minimal disturbances to the host.

The Run

With a menacing Christmas theme, Catharsis rezzes into the portal node as a Christmas caroler, and goes caroling before she continues on to the structural node. Running into the woodsman here, she fled into the crowd of carolers. Pushing forward to the Mastercontrol node, she takes some time to calm the beast, and attempt to get her bearings. Climbing the tree, she takes a brief accidental tip into the null node, electing to leave as soon as she realized such and running straight to the security node. There she meets santa and some woodsmen, and with the resonance as her guide, makes her way to Santa's cabin.

Santa's cabin contained the archive--A wonderful Christmas tree with lit baubles, each representing a file. Finding the appropriate set of files, she pocketed it and seeing the menacing figure of the woodsman, changed her dress to that of Santa, and hopped in the fire place. After bouncing around several times, and releasing the carolers on the woodsman, she manipulated the fireplace to return her to the structural node. Changing back to be the caroler she was, she returned to the portal node, sitting on a bench in order to reopen the door.


Catharsis decided to stick around, and see if they find anything interesting. After fourty minutes of idle chatter, the elf notices her mother's information appear and chaos ensues as her lineage is more fully realized. Alcatraz and Catharsis have a talk privately, where they balance the pros and cons of coming forward as a member of the Blackmore house, and how it could help her in her quest against Hyde. She's left with a lot of thinking, and a desperate need to talk to a few people.


20k Nuyen (10 RVP) 2 Karma (2 RVP)

Accension Rewards 25 Karma towards skills (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I feel like I'm going to scream into the null node after this. Not only did I take a surprise trip to the null node, I also got to take a surprise trip down the family tree. I mean, it makes sense as to why my mother never wanted me to know her side of the family but... This was not a great time for it to come up. What is Prince gonna think? Or Zenith? Like... What am I going to do if I get caught? I don't want this.